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C Programming Cookbook

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C Programming Cookbook

Autor: B.M. Harwani
Broj strana: 344
ISBN broj: 9781789617450
Godina izdanja: 2019.

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  • Manipulate single and multi-dimensional arrays
  • Perform complex operations on strings
  • Understand how to use pointers and memory optimally
  • Discover how to use arrays, functions, and strings to make large applications
  • Implement multitasking using threads and process synchronization
  • Establish communication between two or more processes using different techniques
  • Store simple text in files and store data in a database

C is a high-level language that's popular among developers. It enables you to write drivers for different devices, access machine-level hardware, apply dynamic memory allocation, and much more. With self-contained tutorials, known as recipes, this book will guide you in dealing with C and its idiosyncrasies and help you benefit from its latest features. Beginning with common tasks, each recipe addresses a specific problem followed by explaining the solution to get you acquainted with what goes on under the hood. You will explore core concepts of the programming language, including how to work with strings, pointers, and single and multi-dimensional arrays. You will also learn how to break a large application into small modules by creating functions, handling files, and using a database. Finally, the book will take you through advanced concepts such as concurrency and interprocess communication. By the end of this book, you’ll have a clear understanding and deeper knowledge of C programming, which will help you become a better developer.

  • Learn how to make your applications swift and robust by leveraging powerful features of C
  • Understand the workings of arrays, strings, functions, and more down to how they operate in memory
  • Master process synchronization during multi-tasking and server-client process communication

Table of contents

1 Working with Arrays
Inserting an element in an array
Multiplying two matrices
Finding the common elements in two arrays
Finding the difference between two sets or arrays
Finding the unique elements in an array
Finding whether a matrix is sparse
Merging two sorted arrays into a single array

2 Managing Strings
Determining whether the string is a palindrome 
Finding the occurrence of the first repetitive character in a string
Displaying the count of each character in a string
Counting vowels and consonants in a sentence
Converting the vowels in a sentence to uppercase

3 Exploring Functions
What is a stack?
Finding whether a number is an Armstrong number
Returning maximum and minimum values in an array
Finding the greatest common divisor using recursion
Converting a binary number into a hexadecimal number
Finding whether a number is a palindrome 

4 Deep Dive into Pointers
What is a pointer?
Reversing a string using pointers
Finding the largest value in an array using pointers
Sorting a singly linked list
Finding the transpose of a matrix using pointers
Accessing a structure using a pointer

5 File Handling
Functions used in file handling
Reading a text file and converting all characters after the period into uppercase
Displaying the contents of a random file in reverse order
Counting the number of vowels in a file
Replacing a word in a file with another word
Encrypting a file

6 Implementing Concurrency
What are processes and threads?
Performing a task with a single thread
Performing multiple tasks with multiple threads
Using mutex to share data between two threads
Understanding how a deadlock is created
Avoiding a deadlock

7 Networking and Interprocess Communication
Communicating between processes using pipes
Communicating between processes using FIFO
Communicating between the client and server using socket programming
Communicating between processes using a UDP socket
Passing a message from one process to another using the message queue
Communicating between processes using shared memory

8 Using MySQL Database
Functions in MySQL
Creating a MySQL database and tables
Displaying all the built-in tables in a default mysql database
Storing information in MySQL database
Searching for the desired information in the database
Updating information in the database
Deleting data from the database using C


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