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AMP: Building Accelerated Mobile Pages

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AMP: Building Accelerated Mobile Pages

Autor: Ruadhán O'Donoghue
Broj strana: 370
ISBN broj: 9781786467317
Godina izdanja: 2017.

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What You Will Learn

  • Build, validate, and deploy AMP pages
  • Create interactive user notifications, navigation menus, accordions, contact pages with forms and maps
  • Monetize your traffic with a variety of ad styles and providers
  • Analyze your traffic by integrating analytics providers and tracking user-behavior along several dimensions
  • Embed social media with amp-youtube, amp-instagram, amp-twitter, and amp-facebook
  • Build e-commerce functionality including product pages and shopping carts
  • Deliver rich media experiences using AMP custom elements
  • Use advanced deployment techniques to extend functionality
  • Install ServiceWorkers and build Progressive Web Apps for offline use

Book Description

Google introduced the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project to give mobile users lightning-fast response times when accessing web pages on mobile devices. AMP delivers great user experiences by providing a framework for optimizing web pages that otherwise would take much longer to load on a mobile platform.

This book shows how to solve page performance issues using the mobile web technologies available today. You will learn how to build instant-loading web pages, and have them featured more prominently on Google searches. If you want your website to succeed on mobile, if you care about SEO, and if you want to stay competitive, then this book is for you!
You will go on a mobile web development journey that demonstrates with concrete examples how to build lightning-fast pages that will keep your visitors on-site and happy. This journey begins by showing how to build a simple blog article-style web page using AMP. As new concepts are introduced this page is gradually refined until you will have the skills and confidence to build a variety of rich and interactive mobile web pages. These will include e-commerce product pages, interactive forms and menus, maps and commenting systems, and even Progressive Web Apps.


Ruadhán O'Donoghue

Ruadhan O'Donoghue is a web and mobile developer based in Ireland. He has worked in web development since 1999, and developed his first mobile web application back when the mobile web was built on WAP and WML and was browsed on tiny monochrome phone screens.

Since then he has gained experience in many different roles, including as Head of Engineering at dotMobi (Afilias), where he created mobile solutions for companies worldwide. He has been an Editor with, and contributor to, mobile technology site mobiForge for over 10 years, and publishes articles on mobile web development regularly.

He currently runs his own web development agency, Western Technological.

You can contact Ruadhan at or follow him on Twitter @rodono

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Ride the Lightning with AMP
Chapter 2: Building Your First AMP Page
Chapter 3: Making an Impression - Layout and Page Design in AMP
Chapter 4: Engaging Users with Interactive AMP Components
Chapter 5: Building Rich Media Pages in AMP
Chapter 6: Making Contact - Forms in AMP
Chapter 7: Dynamic Content and Data-Driven Interaction
Chapter 8: Programming in AMP - amp-bind
Chapter 9: When AMP Is Not Enough - Enter the iframe
Chapter 10: Ads and Analytics in AMP
Chapter 11: AMP Deployment and Your Web Presence
Chapter 12: AMP - Where It's At and Where It's Going
Chapter 13: AMP Components
Chapter 14: Actions and Events
Chapter 15: amp-bind Whitelisted Functions
Chapter 16: amp-bind Permitted Attribute Bindings


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