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Angular 2 Blueprints

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Angular 2 Blueprints

Autor: Vinci Rufus
Broj strana: 403
ISBN broj: 9781785889905
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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What You Will Learn

  • See how the new components and modules of Angular 2 replaced various features from Angular 1
  • Migrate your application module by module so that both Angular 1.x and Angular 2.x code can work within a single project
  • Create custom components that can be inserted into WordPress themes to build fluid, responsive, and beautiful websites
  • Find out to integrate Supersonic and Steroids tools to build hybrid apps using Angular
  • Understand how a whiteboard collaboration app can allow users to join a conference and draw on a virtual whiteboard with real-time viewing facility
  • Work through techniques to enhance your application’s performance and secure critical data
  • Master Push-to-Deploy to deploy your applications on the cloud using Heroku and Google Cloud

Book Description

This is a learn-as-you-build practical guide to building full-fledged applications using Angular 2 and other associated tools. It starts by unveiling the new features of the Angular 2 framework and quickly walks you through the basic building blocks that form the basis of making an application. If you have been building applications with 1.x versions of Angular, this book will also lay down the migration steps required to port your application to the newer version without disrupting the functionalities.

Each chapter comprises a project and takes you through the process of building applications such as a single-page responsive web app, hybrid mobile app, video conference app, or stock market app, and will show you how to eventually deploy the application’s source code to a Google Cloud Source Repository. Other practical projects include a CMS and a Facebook app, as well as other valuable examples for any developer's utility belt.

Through the course of building applications, this book will not only help you get to grips with the various features of the Angular 2 framework, but will also teach you how to design and prototype professional-grade applications with performance and security considerations.


Vinci Rufus

Vinci Rufus has been working with frontend technologies for close to 14 years now. He started his career by building games with Flash ActionScript and later moved to JavaScript and HTML5. During his spare time, he enjoys conducting workshops and training people.

For a living, he mentors, guides, and helps build technology teams at Razorfish Neev, primarily in the area of commerce, usability, and emerging technologies.

Table of Contents


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