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C++ Windows Programming

C++ Visual C++ C# C++ Visual C++ C#

C++ Windows Programming

Autor: Stefan Björnander
Broj strana: 588
ISBN broj: 9781786464224
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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What You Will Learn

  • Develop advanced real-world applications in Windows
  • Design and implement a graphical object-oriented class library in C++
  • Get to grips with the workings of the integral aspects of the Win32 API, such as mouse input, drawing, cut-and-paste, file handling, and drop files
  • Identify general problems when developing graphical applications as well as specific problems regarding drawing, spreadsheet, and word processing applications
  • Implement classes, functions, and macros of the object-oriented class library developed in the book and how we implement its functionality by calling functions and macros in the Win32 API

Book Description

It is critical that modern developers have the right tools to build practical, user-friendly, and efficient applications in order to compete in today’s market. Through hands-on guidance, this book illustrates and demonstrates C++ best practices and the Small Windows object-oriented class library to ease your development of interactive Windows applications. 

Begin with a focus on high level application development using Small Windows. Learn how to build four real-world applications which focus on the general problems faced when developing graphical applications. Get essential troubleshooting guidance on drawing, spreadsheet, and word processing applications. Finally finish up with a deep dive into the workings of the Small Windows class library, which will give you all the insights you need to build your own object-oriented class library in C++.


Stefan Björnander

Stefan Björnander holds a master's degree in computer science, and has worked with software development for many years. He has lectured on programming for the industry and universities. He has also authored Microsoft Visual C++ Windows Applications by Example for Packt Publishing, which gained great acclaim.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Hello, Small World!
Chapter 3: Building a Tetris Application
Chapter 4: Working with Shapes and Figures
Chapter 5: The Figure Hierarchy
Chapter 6: Building a Word Processor
Chapter 7: Keyboard Input and Character Calculation
Chapter 8: Building a Spreadsheet Application
Chapter 9: Formula Interpretation
Chapter 10: The Framework
Chapter 11: The Document
Chapter 12: The Auxiliary Classes
Chapter 13: The Registry, Clipboard, Standard Dialogs, and Print Preview
Chapter 14: Dialogs, Controls, and Page Setup



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