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Čist C++ 20, Obrasci održivog razvoja softvera i najbolje prakse

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Čist C++ 20, Obrasci održivog razvoja softvera i najbolje prakse

Autor: Stephan Roth
Broj strana: 508
ISBN broj:
Godina izdanja: 2021.

Pregleda (30 dana / ukupno): 48 / 48

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Write maintainable, extensible, and durable software with modern C++. This book, updated for the recently released C++20 standard, is a must for every developer, software architect, or team leader who is interested in well-crafted C++ code, and thus also wants to save development costs. If you want to teach yourself about writing better C++ code, Clean C++20 is exactly what you need. It is written for C++ developers of all skill levels and shows by example how to write understandable, flexible, maintainable, and efficient C++ code. Even if you are a seasoned C++ developer, there are nuggets and data points in this book that you will find useful in your work.
If you don't take care with your codebase, you can produce a large, messy, and unmaintainable beast in any programming language. However, C++ projects in particular are prone to get messy and tend to slip into a maintenance nightmare. There is lots of C++ code out there that looks as if it was written in the 1980s, completely ignoring principles and practices of well-written and modern C++.
It seems that C++ developers have been forgotten by those who preach Software Craftsmanship and Clean Code principles. The web is full of C++ code examples that may be very fast and highly optimized, but whose developers have completely ignored elementary principles of good design and well-written code. This book will explain how to avoid this and how to get the most out of your C++ code. You'll find your coding becomes more efficient and, importantly, more fun.
What You Will Learn

  • Gain sound principles and rules for clean coding in C++
  • Carry out test-driven development (TDD)
  • Better modularize your C++ code base
  • Discover and apply C++ design patterns and idioms
  • Write C++ code in both object-oriented and functional programming styles

Who This Book Is For

Any C++ developer or software engineer with an interest in producing better code. 

About the Author

Stephan Roth is a coach, consultant, and trainer for systems and software engineering with German consultancy company oose Innovative Informatik eG located in Hamburg. Before he joined oose, he worked for many years as a software developer, software architect, and systems engineer in the field of radio reconnaissance and communication intelligence systems. He has developed sophisticated applications, especially in a high-performance system environment, and graphical user interfaces using C++ and other programming languages. Stephan is an active supporter of the Software Craftsmanship movement and is concerned with principles and practices of Clean Code Development (CCD).

Table of contents


Front Matter

1. Introduction

2. Build a Safety Net

3. Be Principled

4. Basics of Clean C++

5. Advanced Concepts of Modern C++

6. Modularization

7. Functional Programming

8. Test-Driven Development

9. Design Patterns and Idioms

Back Matter


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