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Cloud Native Architectures

Računarstvo u oblaku Računarstvo u oblaku

Cloud Native Architectures

Autor: Tom Laszewski et al.
Broj strana: 354
ISBN broj: 9781787280540
Godina izdanja: 2018.

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What You Will Learn

  • Learn the difference between cloud native and traditional architecture
  • Explore the aspects of migration, when and why to use it
  • Identify the elements to consider when selecting a technology for your architecture
  • Automate security controls and configuration management
  • Use infrastructure as code and CICD pipelines to run environments in a sustainable manner
  • Understand the management and monitoring capabilities for AWS cloud native application architectures

Book Description

Cloud computing has proven to be the most revolutionary IT development since virtualization. Cloud native architectures give you the benefit of more flexibility over legacy systems. To harness this, businesses need to refresh their development models and architectures when they find they don’t port to the cloud. Cloud Native Architectures demonstrates three essential components of deploying modern cloud native architectures: organizational transformation, deployment modernization, and cloud native architecture patterns.

This book starts with a quick introduction to cloud native architectures that are used as a base to define and explain what cloud native architecture is and is not. You will learn what a cloud adoption framework looks like and develop cloud native architectures using microservices and serverless computing as design principles. You’ll then explore the major pillars of cloud native design including scalability, cost optimization, security, and ways to achieve operational excellence. In the concluding chapters, you will also learn about various public cloud architectures ranging from AWS and Azure to the Google Cloud Platform.

By the end of this book, you will have learned the techniques to adopt cloud native architectures that meet your business requirements. You will also understand the future trends and expectations of cloud providers.


Tom Laszewski

Tom Laszewski is a leader and cloud technologist who has helped ISVs, SIs, start-ups, and mid-market, and global customers modernization IT systems and develop innovative software solutions. He currently leads a team of Enterprise Technologists responsible for the business and IT transformation strategy with key AWS customers pursuing cloud modernization initiatives and digital transformation efforts utilizing cloud native architecture. He enjoys traveling the world with his teenage sons Slade and Logan.

Kamal Arora

Kamal Arora is an inventor, author, and technology leader with more than 15 years of IT experience. He currently works at Amazon Web Services and leads a diverse team of highly experienced solutions architects who enable global consulting partners and enterprise customers on their journey to cloud. Kamal has also led the creation of biggest global technical partnerships, set his team's vision and execution model, and incubated multiple new strategic initiatives. He's passionate about the latest innovations in the cloud and the AI/ML space, and their impact on our society and daily-life.

Erik Farr

Erik Farr is a technology leader with over 18 years in the IT industry. He has been on the leading edge of cloud technology and enterprise architecture, working with some of the largest companies and system integrators in the world. In his current role at Amazon Web Services, he leads a team of experienced solution architects to help global system integrator partners design enterprise scale cloud native architectures. Before AWS, he has experience with Capgemini and The Walt Disney Company, always working to create highly valuable outcomes for customers.

Piyum Zonooz

Piyum Zonooz is a Global Partner Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services, where he works with companies across all industries to help drive cloud adoption and re-architect products to cloud native. He's led projects in TCO analysis, infrastructure design, DevOps adoption, and complete business transformation. Prior to AWS, Piyum was a Lead Architect as part of the Accenture Cloud Practice where he led large-scale cloud adoption projects. Piyum holds a BSc and MSc. degree in Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introducing Cloud Native Architecture
Chapter 2: The Cloud Adoption Journey
Chapter 3: Cloud Native Application Design
Chapter 4: How to Choose Technology Stacks
Chapter 5: Scalable and Available
Chapter 6: Secure and Reliable
Chapter 7: Optimizing Cost
Chapter 8: Cloud Native Operations
Chapter 9: Amazon Web Services
Chapter 10: Microsoft Azure
Chapter 11: Google Cloud Platform
Chapter 12: What's Next? Cloud Native Application Architecture Trends


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