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Data Visualization Cookbook

Statistika Statistika

Data Visualization Cookbook

Autor: Samir Aryamane
Broj strana: 383
ISBN broj: 9781786464071
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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What You Will Learn

  • See the fundamentals, key concepts, and best practices around data visualization projects
  • Manipulate data using some powerful data wrangling tools
  • Form analytical patterns through Multivariate Data Visualization
  • Explore graph and tree visualizations to cover the relationship aspects of a social network
  • Explore big data visualizations to gain much better insights
  • Help users build a data visualization portfolio

Book Description

With heaps of data, most of us need to display data on a day-to-day basis. The options to display this data are numerous charts, graphs, dashboards, and many more. Deciding which visualization to pick and how to implement it is the trick, and this book helps you with exactly that! This book will introduce you to most popular data visualizations, when to use which visualization, and how to use them.

You will find all that you need, where to start, what alternatives you have to create a particular type of visualization, what’s available in the open source community for your data visualization needs, and finally how to implement it all. You will find recipes that teach you how to visualize data from your computer, the web, or big data in the most sophisticated manner using the most effective tools.

You will scratch the surface of diverse source data platforms such as big data, unstructured, relational, file-based, and graph databases and learn what types of visualizations are most effective for them. You will also learn how to connect to the data visualization components within an ecosystem.


Samir Aryamane

Samir Aryamane is a Data Scientist at Salesforce who has worked upon multiple data visualization tools as a part of his job to help business users understand their data. His past experience entails working for notable companies such as Expedia, Verizon, and HSBC bank, where he worked on several projects involving the implementation of data visualization tools on multiple platforms catering to its business domains.

He received his Master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Texas, Dallas with a specialization in advanced databases, data mining, and Natural Language Processing technologies. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Mumbai University in Electronics and Telecommunications. Outside of technology, Samir enjoys photography, travelling, camping, and doing hiking trails in scenic California with his wife.

Table of Contents


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