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Evernote for Dummies

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Evernote for Dummies

Autor: David E. Y. Sarna i Vanessa Richie
Broj strana: 384
ISBN broj: 9781118107386
Godina izdanja: 2013.

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Written in the fun and informative For Dummies style, Evernote For Dummies introduces you to the key features of Evernote, from getting started and opening your own Evernote account to the essentials of capturing information and creating a simple text note. The book shows you how to capture everything—clip a web page, create a voice note, scan a note, even capture a note from a picture. Author David Sarna reveals the secrets of letting Evernote help you organize all your information including how to synchronize; import,export, and merge notes; and store to-do lists, business cards, even items from Facebook and Twitter—plus find it all superfast. Evernote For Dummies makes it easy to use Evernote everyday.

  • Explains how to download and install Evernote on all your devices, open an account, create notes, clip a web page, save a photo, grab a screenshot, even collect items from social media like Facebook and Twitter
  • Shares tips on organizing your information by using tags or different notebooks, and on finding what you need—even printed and handwritten text inside images—fast
  • Includes advice on enhancing Evernote with third-party applications, troubleshooting common problems, and more

Unless you're an elephant who never forgets, you'll want to remember Evernote For Dummies, the most useful guide to the program that remembers it for you.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part I: Starting Evernote 7

Chapter 1: What Evernote Can Do for You 9

Chapter 2: Account Management 23

Chapter 3: Creating Simple Notes 41

Part II: Increasing Your Reach 59

Chapter 4: Working with Notes 61

Chapter 5: Working with Audio and Video 71

Chapter 6: Creating Notes from Other Media 85

Part III: Managing Information 105

Chapter 7: Customizing Evernote at Home and Away 107

Chapter 8: Categorizing, Finding, Sorting, and Securing Information 119

Chapter 9: Synchronizing Notes 145

Chapter 10: Sharing Notes and Notebooks 157

Chapter 11: Exporting, Importing, and Encrypting Notes 177

Chapter 12: Moving from Other Products and Interfacing with Your World 187

Chapter 13: Troubleshooting Problems 197

Part IV: Just For You — Device-Specific Features 211

Chapter 14: Computers: Windows and Mac 213

Chapter 15: Working with Evernote on Tablets and Smartphones 225

Chapter 16: Using Evernote on the Web 241

Part V: Expanding Your Skills 259

Chapter 17: Enhancing Evernote with Third-Party Applications 261

Chapter 18: Enhancing Evernote with Shared Public Notebooks 277

Chapter 19: Interfacing with Digital Cameras, Scanners, and Smartpens 283

Part VI: Adding Professional Power 291

Chapter 20: Saving Time with Evernote’s Open Scripting 293

Chapter 21: Connecting with the Evernote Community 301

Part VII: The Part of Tens 307

Chapter 22: Ten Home Improvements 309

Chapter 23: Ten Best Business Uses 315

Chapter 24: Ten School Shortcuts 321

Appendix: Evernote for Developers 327

Index 335


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