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Experience Design for Beginners


Experience Design for Beginners

Autor: Ezra Schwartz
Broj strana: 345
ISBN broj: 9781787122444
Godina izdanja: 2017.

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What You Will Learn

  • Understand why Experience Design (XD) is at the forefront of business priorities, as organizations race to innovate products and services in order to compete for customers in a global economy driven by technology and change
  • Be inspired by the far-reaching ways, large and small, that XD is improving the quality of life for people all over the world
  • Get motivated by the numerous professional opportunities that XD opens up for practitioners in wide-ranging domains, and by the stories of real XD practitioners
  • Understand what experience is, how experiences are designed, and why they are effective
  • Gain knowledge of user-centered design principles, methodologies, and best practices that will improve your product (digital or physical)
  • Get to know your X’s and D’s—understand the differences between XD and UX, CX, IxD, IA, SD, VD, PD, and other design practices

Book Description

Everything humans interact with has an experience associated with it. Some are good, some are bad, but only recently have we begun to consciously design these experiences. We are now at a point in time when experience-design has suddenly exploded into the consciousness of business people and ordinary people all over the world.

This book addresseses common queries related to Experience Design such as “what is it?” and “why has it become so important?” “Who pays for it and why? Who creates it and how? Who is it created for and why is it effective?”

The book begins with the general process of experience design and offers you a holistic understanding of how the sequencing of key players, drivers, disciplines, methodologies, and activities yields the desired outcomes. Further on, you will learn the physical and psychological dimensions of Human Experience as a good understanding of these is required to design effective product experiences.

Next you’ll see the various techniques that XD practitioners use to create new and innovative experiences across the board and even in the driest products, such as insurance or tax preparation. Moving forward, we’ll look at the various methods that facilitate collaborative refinement of visualization and ideas, and you’ll understand how XD practitioners go about validating whether or not concepts and advanced designs meet users’ needs and expectations. At the end of the book, you will look at industry best practices and address the design continuum challenge


Ezra Schwartz

Ezra Schwartz helps organizations realize their strategic vision for a world-class user experience. As a principal experience architect, he holds lead positions in mission-critical projects for global corporations. An advisor to management and stakeholders, Ezra is an expert in transforming large-scale, data-driven systems into mobile-first, device/OS-agnostic UX frameworks.

Ezra enjoys solving the numerous challenges involved in complex systems, the organizations that build them, and the people who use them. He draws on his wealth of experience from projects in the financial, education, aviation, healthcare, telecom, publishing, research, manufacturing, and software industries. Ezra feels very fortunate to be practicing in a domain that affords him the opportunities to travel and associate with the exceptional cast of international experts he gets to collaborate with. He values mentoring and giving back to his professional and social communities.

Ezra is the founder and organizer of, a free community-driven international conference dedicated to UX prototyping. He talks regularly about UX at conferences and on his blog,

Table of Contents


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