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Full-Stack React Projects

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Full-Stack React Projects

Autor: Shama Hoque
Broj strana: 470
ISBN broj: 9781788835534
Godina izdanja: 2018.

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What You Will Learn

  • Set up your development environment and develop a MERN application
  • Implement user authentication and authorization using JSON Web Tokens
  • Build a social media application by extending the basic MERN application
  • Create an online marketplace application with shopping cart and Stripe payments
  • Develop a media streaming application using MongoDB GridFS
  • Implement server-side rendering with data to improve SEO
  • Set up and use React 360 to develop user interfaces with VR capabilities
  • Learn industry best practices to make MERN stack applications reliable and scalable

Book Description

The benefits of using a full JavaScript stack for web development are undeniable, especially when robust and widely adopted technologies such as React, Node, and Express and are available. Combining the power of React with industry-tested, server-side technologies, such as Node, Express, and MongoDB, creates a diverse array of possibilities when developing real-world web applications.

This book guides you through preparing the development environment for MERN stack-based web development, to creating a basic skeleton application and extending it to build four different web applications. These applications include a social media, an online marketplace, a media streaming, and a web-based game application with virtual reality features.

While learning to set up the stack and developing a diverse range of applications with this book, you will grasp the inner workings of the MERN stack, extend its capabilities for complex features, and gain actionable knowledge of how to prepare MERN-based applications to meet the growing demands of real-world web applications.


Shama Hoque

Shama Hoque has 8 years of experience as a software developer and mentor, with a Master’s in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

From Java programming to full-stack development with JavaScript, the applications she has worked on include national Olympiad registration websites, universally accessible widgets, video conferencing apps, and medical 3D reconstruction software.

Currently, she makes web-based prototypes for R&D start-ups in California, while training aspiring software engineers and teaching web development to CS undergrads in Bangladesh.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Unleashing React Applications with MERN
Chapter 2: Preparing the Development Environment
Chapter 3: Building a Backend with MongoDB, Express, and Node
Chapter 4: Adding a React Frontend to Complete MERN
Chapter 5: Starting with a Simple Social Media Application
Chapter 6: Exercising New MERN Skills with an Online Marketplace
Chapter 7: Extending the Marketplace for Orders and Payments
Chapter 8: Building a Media Streaming Application
Chapter 9: Customizing the Media Player and Improving SEO
Chapter 10: Developing a Web-Based VR Game
Chapter 11: Making the VR Game Dynamic Using MERN
Chapter 12: Following Best Practices and Developing MERN Further


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