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Get Programming with Scala

Programiranje Programiranje

Get Programming with Scala

Autor: Daniela Sfregola
Broj strana: 560
ISBN broj: 9781617295270
Godina izdanja: 2021.

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Packed with examples and exercises, Get Programming with Scala is perfect starting point for developers with some OO knowledge who want to learn this multi-style programming language for the JVM, and pick up a few FP skills along the way. Master Scala, and you'll be well-equipped to match your programming approach to the type of problem you're dealing with.

Get Programming with Scala teaches you the core skills you'll need to code with Scala, covering both Scala 2 and Scala 3. You'll start by reviewing OOP concepts in the Scala language. Then, you'll gradually open up the world of functional programming. You'll explore functions and types and learn how to combine them to create powerful, flexible abstractions. Scala can be daunting at first, especially if you're seeing FP ideas for the first time. Fortunately, with the examples and exercises in this book, you'll get over the initial learning hump quickly and start doing interesting projects before you know it!

what's inside

  • Apply object-oriented principles in Scala
  • Learn the core concepts of functional programming
  • Use types to enforce program requirements
  • Use abstractions to avoid code duplication
  • Write meaningful tests and recognize code smells

Table of Contents


"This book is by far the best introduction to Scala that I have everread." —SCOTT DIERBECK, MINDUP

"A refreshing approach to learning Scala!" —CHAD DAVIS, LUMEN TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

"Simple and clear explanations with practical examples make thisbook a smart choice." —DAN SHEIKH, BCG DIGITAL VENTURES

"A pragmatic, clean, structured, concise, and practical book." —RONALD TISCHLIAR, WWK LIVE INSURANCE

"A well-paced introduction to Scala served up in compact palatabledoses." —GEORGE THOMAS, MANHATTAN ASSOCIATES

About the Author

Daniela Sfregola started working with Scala in 2013. Since then she has been an active contributor to the Scala Community. Daniela currently maintains several open source projects in the community and regularly speaks at Scala conferences. She blogs about Scala regularly at



• Jelena Marjanović
Kao neko ko je zainteresovan za funkcionalno programiranje i od prvog pogleda na kod u Scala-i zaljubljena u istu, priželjkujem prevod ovog izdanja. Već posedujem u elektronskoj formi original.

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