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GNU/Linux Rapid Embedded Programming

Unix, Linux Unix, Linux

GNU/Linux Rapid Embedded Programming

Autor: Rodolfo Giometti
Broj strana: 732
ISBN broj: 9781786461803
Godina izdanja: 2017.

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What You Will Learn

  • Use embedded systems to implement your projects
  • Access and manage peripherals for embedded systems
  • Program embedded systems using languages such as C, Python, Bash, and PHP
  • Use a complete distribution, such as Debian or Ubuntu, or an embedded one, such as OpenWrt or Yocto
  • Harness device driver capabilities to optimize device communications
  • Access data through several kinds of devices such as GPIO’s, serial ports, PWM, ADC, Ethernet, WiFi, audio, video, I2C, SPI, One Wire, USB and CAN
  • Practical example usage of several devices such as RFID readers, Smart card readers, barcode readers, z-Wave devices, GSM/GPRS modems
  • Usage of several sensors such as light, pressure, moisture, temperature, infrared, power, motion

Book Description

Embedded computers have become very complex in the last few years and developers need to be able to easily manage embedded computer projects by focusing on problem solving; they should not have to waste time finding supported peripherals or learning how to manage them. This book shows you how to interact with external environments through specific peripherals used in the industry. It focuses on the latest Linux kernel release 4 and Debian/Ubuntu distributions (with embedded distributions such as OpenWRT and Yocto).

This book presents popular and user-friendly boards in the industry – such as Beaglebone Black, Atmel Xplained, Wandboard, and system-on-chip manufacturers – and lets you explore corresponding projects that make use of these boards. You will first program the embedded platforms using the C, Bash, and Python/PHP languages in order to get access to the external peripherals. You will gain a strong foundation in using embedded systems by learning how to program the device driver and access the peripherals. You will also learn how to read and write data from/to the external environment by using C programs or a scripting language (such as Bash/PHP/Python) and see how to configure a device driver for specific hardware.

The final chapter shows you how to use a micro-controller board – based on the most used microcontroller – to implement real-time or specific tasks that are normally not carried out on the GNU/Linux system. After finishing this book, you will be capable of applying these skills to your personal and professional projects.


Rodolfo Giometti

Rodolfo Giometti is an engineer, IT specialist, GNU/Linux expert and software libre evangelist.

Author of the books BeagleBone Essentials and BeagleBone Home Automation Blueprints by Packt Publishing and maintainer of the LinuxPPS projects (the Linux's Pulse Per Second subsystem) he still actively contributes to the Linux source code with several patches and new device drivers for industrial applications devices.

During his twenty-year+ experience, he, worked with x86, ARM, MIPS, & PowerPC-based platform.

Now, Rodolfo is the Co-Chief at HCE Engineering S.r.l. and he is the Co-Founder of the Cosino Project, which involves new hardware and software systems for the quick prototyping in industry environment, control automation, and remote monitoring.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Installing the Developing System
Chapter 2: Managing the System Console
Chapter 3: C Compiler, Device Drivers, and Useful Developing Techniques
Chapter 4: Quick Programming with Scripts and System Daemons
Chapter 5: Setting Up an Embedded OS
Chapter 6: General Purposes Input Output signals – GPIO
Chapter 7: Serial Ports and TTY Devices - TTY
Chapter 8: Universal Serial Bus - USB
Chapter 9: Inter-Integrated Circuits - I2C
Chapter 10: Serial Peripheral Interface - SPI
Chapter 11: 1-Wire - W1
Chapter 12: Ethernet Network Device - ETH
Chapter 13: Wireless Network Device - WLAN
Chapter 14: Controller Area Network - CAN
Chapter 15: Sound Devices - SND
Chapter 16: Video devices - V4L
Chapter 17: Analog-to-Digital Converters - ADC
Chapter 18: Pulse-Width Modulation - PWM
Chapter 19: Miscellaneous Devices


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