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HDR Photography From Snapshots to Great Shots

Digitalna fotografija Digitalna fotografija

HDR Photography From Snapshots to Great Shots

Autor: Tim Cooper
Broj strana: 240
ISBN broj: 9780134180281
Godina izdanja: 2015.

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Do you struggle with a lack of detail in the highlight or shadow areas of your scene? Then the world of high-dynamic range (HDR) photography is for you. This guide by pro photographer Tim Cooper will help you understand how to capture your subjects and process them for amazing, realistic results.

In HDR Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots, Tim takes you step by step through the capture process and provides his tips and techniques for producing natural-looking HDR images using Lightroom and Photomatix. In this guide you will:

  • Learn what HDR is and when and why to use it
  • Understand the equipment and camera settings required to capture your images
  • Expose your images properly to bring out the important details in your scene
  • Conquer nature/landscape, architecture/interiors, and night/low light shooting
  • Master the processing of your images in Lightroom and Photomatix for advanced techniques and stunning results

Beautifully illustrated with large, compelling photos, this book for beginning-to-intermediate digital photographers will help you take control and get the image you want every time you pick up your camera. Once you have the shot, show it off and join the book’s Flickr group:


1. What Is HDR and Why Use It?

2. Equipment, Camera Settings, Proper Exposure

3. Nature and Landscape Shooting

4. Architecture and Interior Shooting

5. Night and Low Light Shooting

6. Preparing Your Images in Lightroom

7. Using Photoshop

8. Using Photomatix

9. Advanced Techniques

Tim Cooper - Tim Cooper's editorial and commercial photographs have appeared in Travel & Leisure, The New York Times Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, Ebony, and Fly, Rod & Reel. Tim is the author of HDR Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots and coauthor of Night Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots. He has long been associated with the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, holding the positions of consultant, director of education, director of digital imaging, and director of the black-and-white program. He also teaches popular workshop elsewhere and has an active social media presence.


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HDR Photography From Snapshots to Great Shots

HDR Photography From Snapshots to Great Shots

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