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Implementing Cisco Networking Solutions

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Implementing Cisco Networking Solutions

Autor: Harpreet Singh
Broj strana: 436
ISBN broj: 9781787121782
Godina izdanja: 2017.

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What You Will Learn

  • Understand the network lifecycle approach
  • Get to know what makes a good network design
  • Design components and technology choices at various places in the network (PINS)
  • Work on sample configurations for network devices in the LAN/ WAN/ DC, and the wireless domain
  • Get familiar with the configurations and best practices for securing the network
  • Explore best practices for network operations

Book Description

Most enterprises use Cisco networking equipment to design and implement their networks. However, some networks outperform networks in other enterprises in terms of performance and meeting new business demands, because they were designed with a visionary approach.

The book starts by describing the various stages in the network lifecycle and covers the plan, build, and operate phases. It covers topics that will help network engineers capture requirements, choose the right technology, design and implement the network, and finally manage and operate the network. It divides the overall network into its constituents depending upon functionality, and describe the technologies used and the design considerations for each functional area. The areas covered include the campus wired network, wireless access network, WAN choices, datacenter technologies, and security technologies. It also discusses the need to identify business-critical applications on the network, and how to prioritize these applications by deploying QoS on the network.

Each topic provides the technology choices, and the scenario, involved in choosing each technology, and provides configuration guidelines for configuring and implementing solutions in enterprise networks.


Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh has more than 20 years of experience in the data domain and has been designing and implementing networks and solutions across technologies from X.25, FR, ATM, TCP/IP, and MPLS-based networks. Harpreet is a gold medalist and earned his bachelor of engineering degree before completing his postgraduate diploma in business administration. He has been a part of the faculty at the Advanced Level Telecom Training Center, a premier institute under the UNDP program for the training of telecom officers, where he conducted training on data networks, including technologies such as X.25, Frame Relay, ATM, Siemens Switches, and IP/ MPLS networks.

Harpreet has been a part of the core team for multiple pan-India network rollouts ranging from plain IP to Carrier Ethernet and MPLS. He has been involved with all major service providers in India. He was the network architect for the first pan-India IP network in 1997, the first MPLS network rollout in India in 2002, and the largest MetroE deployment in the world at the time in 2004. He was the technical director for the largest ever mobile backhaul IP network based on an IP/MPLS network. He is currently a technology consultant at Cisco Systems, engaged in large and complex cross-technology projects for strategic customers, advising them on network design, operations, and digital transformations. Harpreet has been a speaker at forums such as APRICOT, IETE, and other international conferences. He can be reached at

Table of Contents


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