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Internet of Things, The: How Smart TVs, Smart Cars, Smart Homes, and Smart Cities Are Changing the W

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Internet of Things, The: How Smart TVs, Smart Cars, Smart Homes, and Smart Cities Are Changing the W

Autor: Michael Miller
Broj strana: 320
ISBN broj: 9780789754004
Godina izdanja: 2015.

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You need to know what's coming. But, until now, most guides to the Internet of Everything have been written for technical experts. Now, the world's #1 author of beginning technology books has written the perfect introduction for every consumer and citizen. In The Internet of Things, Michael Miller reveals how a new generation of autonomously connected smart devices is emerging, and how it will enable people and devices to do more things, more intelligently, and more rapidly.

Miller demystifies every type of smart device, both current and future. Each chapter ends with a special "...and You" section, offering up-to-the-minute advice for using today's IoE technologies or preparing for tomorrow's.

You'll also discover the potential downsides and risks associated with intelligent, automatic interaction. When all your devices can communicate with each other (and with the companies that sell and monitor them), how private is your private life? Do the benefits outweigh the risks? And what does a connected world do when the connections suddenly go down? Packed with scenarios and insider interviews, The Internet of Things makes our future utterly, vividly real.

Table of Contents

Online Sample Chapter

Smart TVs: Viewing in a Connected World

Sample Pages


Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 3 and Index)


Table of Contents



Chapter 1 Smart Connectivity: Welcome to the Internet of Things

Welcome to the Future

What Is the Internet of Things?

What Kinds of Things Can Be Connected to the Internet of Things?

What Do All Those Connected Things Do?

When Will the Internet of Things Arrive?

How Important Is the Internet of Things?

Smart Connectivity and You

Chapter 2 Smart Technology: How the Internet of Things Works

Understanding the Internet of Things: The Big Picture

Building the Internet of Things

    Stage One: Device Proliferation and Connection

    Stage Two: Making Things Work Together

    Stage Three: Developing Intelligent Applications

Understanding Smart Devices

    What’s a Thing?

    Building Blocks

    Deconstructing a Device

    Store and Forward

Understanding Network Connections

    How Traditional Networks Work

    Transferring Data Over a Network

    Understanding IP Addresses

Examining Wireless Technologies

    Understanding RF Technology


    Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart

    Cellular Networks

    Mesh Networks

    Proprietary Cellular Networks

    Which Technologies Are Best?

Understanding the Data

Understanding Intelligent Applications

Understanding Big Data

    Data Harvesting

    Data Storage

    Data Analysis

Profiting from the Internet of Things


Smart Technology and You

Chapter 3 Smart TVs: Viewing in a Connected World

What Exactly Is Smart TV?

    What’s Inside a Smart TV?

    What You Need to Use a Smart TV

    What a Smart TV Does

Considering Smart TV Operating Systems

Examining a Typical Smart TV

Exploring Smart TV Set-Top Devices

How to Choose a Smart TV or Device

How Secure Are Smart TVs?

    Hacking Into the System

    An Eye Into Your Living Room

    Official Snooping

Integrating Smart TVs into the Internet of Things

Smart TVs and You

Chapter 4 Smart Appliances: From Remote Control Ovens to Talking Refrigerators

Understanding Smart Appliances Today

    Smart Operation

    Smart Monitoring

    Smart Energy Savings

    Smart Maintenance

Smarter Food Storage with Smart Refrigerators

Smarter Cooking with Smart Ovens

Smarter Cleaning with Smart Washers and Dryers

Smarter Dishwashing with Smart Dishwashers

Smart Appliances and You

Chapter 5 Smart Homes: Tomorrowland Today

Automating the Home




    Tying It All Together

A Short History of Smart Homes

Smart Steps to a Smart Home

    Step 1: Basic Communications

    Step 2: Simple Commands

    Step 3: Automating Basic Functions

    Step 4: Tracking and Taking Action

    Step 5: Prompting Activities and Answering Questions

    Step 6: Automating Tasks

Simple Components for a Smart Home







Smarter Living with Smart Furniture

Smarter Environment with Smart Lighting

Smarter Views with Smart Windows

    Motorized Window Coverings

    Smart Glass

Smarter Heating and Cooling with Smart Thermostats

    Nest Learning Thermostat

    Other Smart Thermostats

    Using Nest with Other Smart Devices

    Data Collection and Control Issues

Smarter Protection with Smart Security Systems

    Smarter Security Systems

    Smart Locks

    Smart Security Cameras

Smarter Sensing with Smart Monitors

    Smart Smoke Detectors

    Smart Air Quality Monitors

Smarter Information with Amazon Echo

Reimagining the Smart Network




Controlling the Smart Home













Where Can You Find Smart Home Devices?

Smart Homes and You

Chapter 6 Smart Clothing: Wearable Tech

Wearable Technology Today–and Tomorrow

Watching the Smartwatches

    Samsung Galaxy Gear

    Android Wear

    Other Popular Smartwatches

    Apple Watch

Exercising with Fitness Trackers

    Understanding Fitness and Activity Trackers

    Tracking the Trackers

Keeping Well with Wearable Healthcare Devices

Monitoring Your Family with Wearable Trackers

Recording with Wearable Cameras

Eyeing Smart Eyewear

    Google Glass

    Recon Jet

    Glass Backlash

Wearing Other Smart Clothing

Dealing with Your Personal Data

    The Value of Data

    It’s Your Data, Isn’t It?

    Managing the Data

    Putting the Data to Use

    Enter the Insurance Companies

    How to Keep Your Personal Data Personal

Where Do You Get Those Wonderful Toys?

Smart Clothing and You

Chapter 7 Smart Shopping: They Know What You Want Before You Know You Want It

Eliminating the Need to Shop

Changing the Retail Environment

Smart Store Tech

Making It Easier to Pay

Deliveries by Drone

Managing Inventory Smarter

What About Your Data?

Smart Shopping and You

Chapter 8 Smart Cars: Connecting on the Road

Smart Cars Today–and Tomorrow

    Smart Functionality

    Smart Diagnostics

    Smarter Driving

    Smart Communications

    Smart Entertainment

    Smart Climate Control

    Hacking a Smart Car

Cars That Drive Themselves

    How Self-Driving Cars Work

    What’s Coming

    Levels of Automation

    Introducing Google’s Self-Driving Car

Pros and Cons of Autonomous Autos

    The Good

    The Bad

    The Ugly

Navigating the Legal Landscape

Smart Cars and You

Chapter 9 Smart Aircraft: Invasion of the Drones

What Drones Are–and What They Aren’t

    Understanding Radio-Controlled Aircraft

    What Makes a Drone a Drone?

    Different Kinds of Drones

How Drones Are Used Today

    Military Drones

    Intelligence Drones

    Surveillance Drones

    Civilian Drones

The Future of Drone Aircraft

    Smarter Drones

    Delivery Drones

Regulating Drone Aircraft

Fly the Scary Skies: The Problems with Drones

    Collision and Liability Concerns

    Security Concerns

    Privacy Concerns

Other Smart Aircraft Technologies

    Smart Structures

    Smart Skin

    Smart Maintenance

    Smart Cabins

Smart Aircraft and You

Chapter 10 Smart Warfare: Rise of the Machines

The Past, Present, Future of Tech-Based Warfare

    Three Generations of Warfare

    The Fourth Generation

Smart Aircraft

Smart Bombs

Smart Weapons

Robot Soldiers

    Today’s Army Robots

    Robotic Armor and Super Soldiers

    Autonomous Fighting Robots

Smart Strategy

Smart Combat and You

Chapter 11 Smart Medicine: We Have the Technology

Welcome to the Internet of Medical Things

    Connecting Devices

    Centralizing Records

    Realizing Benefits

Smart Medical Devices and Monitoring

    Examining Smart Medical Devices

    Monitoring the Monitors

    Smart Monitoring for Seniors

Smart Meds

Smart Hospitals

    Everything’s Monitored, and Nothing’s Monitored

    Smarter Devices

    Smarter Standards

    Other Smart Equipment

Smart Medical Records

    Apple HealthKit




    Microsoft HealthVault

Smart Medicine and You

Chapter 12 Smart Businesses: Better Working Through Technology

Smart Offices

    Smart Connectivity

    Smart Environment

    Virtual Meetings

Smart Stores

Smart Inventory Management

    Smart Manufacturing

    Smart Transportation

    Smart Warehousing

    Smart Management

Smart Businesses and You

Chapter 13 Smart Cities: Everyone’s Connected

Understanding the Smart City

Smart Infrastructure

Smart Communication and Emergency Management

Smart Roads and Traffic Management

    Smart Parking

    Smart Traffic Management

    Smart Roads

Smart Public Lighting

Smart Utilities

    Smart Waste Management

    Smart Water Management

Smart Grid

    Understanding the Smart Grid

    Smarter Energy Management

    A Self-Healing Grid

    Collecting and Using the Data

    Building the Smart Grid

Smart Cities and You

Chapter 14 Smart World: The Global Internet of Everything

Scaling the Internet of Things Globally

Connecting Cities, States, and Countries

The Rural Internet of Things

The Agricultural Internet of Things

    Smart Irrigation

    Pest Control

    Smart Tractors

    Self-Driving Tractors

The Environmental Internet of Things

Battling Climate Change

Impediments to the Global Internet of Things

    Technological Challenges

    Security Challenges

    Bureaucratic and Political Challenges

The Smart World and You

Chapter 15 Smart Problems: Big Brother Is Watching You

Privacy Issues

    What Do They Really Know About You?

    Your Government Is Spying On You

    Privacy Versus the IoT

Security Issues

    Data Security

    System Security

Big Data Issues

Autonomy and Control Issues

Smart Machine Issues

Smart Problems and You



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