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Java 9 with JShell

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Java 9 with JShell

Autor: Gastón C. Hillar
Broj strana: 408
ISBN broj: 9781787282841
Godina izdanja: 2017.

Pregleda (30 dana / ukupno): 12 / 1301

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What You Will Learn

  • Engage with object-oriented programming in Java 9, starting with code snippets in JShell
  • Optimize your code, applying functional programming features
  • Discover the advantages of modularity.
  • Become very proficient at using JShell itself
  • Learn the new approach to Java programming, which uses the REPL as a prototyping tool

Book Description

The release of Java 9 has brought many subtle and not-so-subtle changes to the way in which Java programmers approach their code. The most important ones are definitely the availability of a REPL, known as JShell, which will make experiments and prototyping much more straightforward than the old IDE-based project-led approach. Another, more subtle change can be seen in the module system, which will lead to more modularized, maintainable code. The techniques to take full advantage of object-oriented code, functional programming and the new modularity features in Java 9 form the main subjects of this book.

Each chapter will add to the full picture of Java 9 programming starting out with classes and instances and ending with generics and modularity in Java.


Gastón C. Hillar

Gastón C. Hillar is Italian and has been working with computers since he was eight. He began programming with the legendary Texas TI-99/4A and Commodore 64 home computers in the early 80s. He has a bachelor's degree in computer science (graduated with honors), and an MBA (graduated with an outstanding thesis). At present, Gastón is an independent IT consultant and freelance author who is always looking for new adventures around the world.

He has been a senior contributing editor at Dr. Dobb's and has written more than a hundred articles on software development topics. Gastón was also a former Microsoft MVP in technical computing. He has received the prestigious Intel® Black Belt Software Developer award eight times.

He is a guest blogger at Intel® Software Network ( You can reach him at and follow him on Twitter at Gastón's blog is

He lives with his wife, Vanesa, and his two sons, Kevin and Brandon.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: JShell – A Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop for Java 9
Chapter 2: Real-World Objects to UML Diagrams and Java 9 via JShell
Chapter 3: Classes and Instances
Chapter 4: Encapsulation of Data
Chapter 5: Mutable and Immutable Classes
Chapter 6: Inheritance, Abstraction, Extension, and Specialization
Chapter 7: Members Inheritance and Polymorphism
Chapter 8: Contract Programming with Interfaces
Chapter 9: Advanced Contract Programming with Interfaces
Chapter 10: Maximization of Code Reuse with Generics
Chapter 11: Advanced Generics
Chapter 12: Object-Oriented, Functional Programming, and Lambda Expressions
Chapter 13: Modularity in Java 9


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