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JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev

JavaScript JavaScript

JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev

Autor: Tim Ambler , Nicholas Cloud
Broj strana: 520
ISBN broj: 978-1-484206-63-8
Godina izdanja: 2015.

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JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev is your guide to the wild, vast, and untamed frontier that is JavaScript development.

The JavaScript tooling landscape has grown and matured drastically in the past several years. This book will serve as an introduction to both new and well established libraries, frameworks, and utilities that have gained popular traction and support from seasoned developers. It covers tools applicable to the entire development stack, both client- and server-side.

While no single book can possibly cover every JavaScript library of value, JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev focuses on incredibly useful libraries and frameworks that production software uses. You will be treated to detailed analyses and sample code for tools that manage dependencies, structure code in a modular fashion, automate repetitive build tasks, create specialized servers, structure client side applications, facilitate horizontal scaling, and interacting with disparate data stores.

The libraries and frameworks covered include Bower, Grunt, Yeoman, PM2, RequireJS, Browserify, Knockout, AngularJS, Kraken, Mach, Mongoose, Knex, Bookshelf, Faye, Q, Async.js, Underscore, and Lodash.

Written from first-hand experience, you will benefit from the glorious victories and innumerable failures of two experienced professionals, gain quick insight into hurdles that aren't always explicitly mentioned in API documentation or Readmes, and quickly learn how to use JavaScript frameworks and libraries like a Pro.

Enrich your development skills with JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev today.


What you’ll learn


• How to manage your project's third-party dependencies.


• How to structure your project's code as a collection of tightly focused, independent modules that are easy to reason about and test.

• How to implement several popular client-side frameworks for creating complex single-page web applications.

• How to implement several popular server-side frameworks for creating REST APIs that your applications interact with.

• How to manage the complexity of interacting with document ("NoSQL") and relational ("RDBMS") data stores through the use of object mapping libraries, along with advice on which type of storage medium to choose.

• How to implement real-time communication between the web browser and your application server.

• How to manage the additional complexity that is inherent in asynchronous code with libraries such as "Q" and "async.js."

• How to implement a mechanism for logging important events that occur within your application, in a way that can grow with you as your architecture changes and scales.

• How to implement distributed, horizontal processing of work across multiple servers in a way that supports quickly shifting resource requirements.

Who this book is for

 Pro JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Development is for the web developer confident with JavaScript but struggling to come to terms with the sheer number of options that exist for seemingly every problem. This book helps lift the fog, providing the reader with an in-depth guide to specific libraries and frameworks that well-known organizations are using right now, and with great success.

Table of Contents

1. Bower

2. Grunt

3. Yeoman

4. PM2

5. RequireJS

6. Browserify

7. Knockout

8. AngularJS

9. Kraken

10. Mach

11. Mongoose

12. Knex and Bookshelf

13. Faye

14. Q

15. Async.js

16. Underscore and Lodash


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