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JavaScript : Functional Programming for JavaScript Developers

JavaScript JavaScript

JavaScript : Functional Programming for JavaScript Developers

Autor: Ved Antani, Simon Timms, Dan Mantyla
Broj strana: 635
ISBN broj: 9781787124660
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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What You Will Learn

  • Get a run through of the basic JavaScript language constructs
  • Code using the powerful object-oriented feature in JavaScript
  • Master DOM manipulation, cross-browser strategies, and ES6
  • Understand the basic concurrency constructs in Javascript and best performance strategies
  • Harness the power of patterns for tasks ranging from application building to code testing
  • Build large-scale apps seamlessly with the help of reactive patterns
  • Explore advanced design patterns, including dependency injection
  • Develop more powerful applications with currying and function composition
  • Create more reliable code with closures and immutable data

Book Description

JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, untyped, lightweight, and interpreted programming language and functional programming is a style that emphasizes and enables smarter code that minimizes complexity and increases modularity. It's a way of writing cleaner code through clever ways of mutating, combining, and using functions. And JavaScript provides an excellent medium for this approach. By learning how to expose JavaScript's true identity as a functional language, we can implement web apps that are more powerful, easier to maintain and more reliable.

The java script: Functional Programming for JavaScript Developers course will take you on a journey to show how functional programming when combined with other techniques makes JavaScript programming more efficient.

The first module Mastering JavaScript, stress on practical aspects of Javascript development like—Functions and Closures, Runtime debugging techniques, project layout, events and DOM processing, build tools, Object-oriented patterns, isomorphism—everything that a modern Javascript project would need.

The second module, Mastering JavaScript Design Patterns - Second Edition, will explore how design patterns can help you improve and organize your JavaScript code. You’ll get to grips with creational, structural, and behavioral patterns as you discover how to put them to work in different scenarios. This updated edition will also delve into reactive design patterns and microservices as they are a growing phenomenon in the world of web development. It will also show you some advanced patterns, including dependency injection and live post processing.

The third module, Functional Programming in JavaScript, will help you to write real-world applications by utilizing a wide range of functional techniques and styles. It explores the core concepts of functional programming common to all functional languages, with examples of their use in JavaScript.


Ved Antani

Ved Antani is currently the Assistant Vice President of Engineering at Myntra. Before Myntra, he worked for Electronic Arts, NetApp, and Oracle. Ved is passionate about programming and has been coding in JavaScript since 2005. He has extensive experience in building scalable systems and mobile applications. He has authored two books for Packt Publishing: Managing IaaS and DBaaS Clouds with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c and Mastering JavaScript.

Simon Timms

Simon Timms is a developer who works in the oil and gas industry in Calgary, Alberta. He has a BSc in Computing Science from the University of Alberta and a Masters from Athabasca University. He is interested in distributed systems, visualization, and the acquisition of ice-cream.

This is his first book, but he blogs frequently on diverse topics such as code contracts and cloud computing at He is involved in the local .NET and JavaScript community, and speaks frequently at conferences.

Dan Mantyla

Dan Mantyla works as a web application developer for the University of Kansas. He enjoys contributing to open source web frameworks and wrenching on motorcycles. Dan is currently living in Lawrence, Kansas, USA—the birthplace of Python Django and home to Linux News Media.

Dan has also clicked the cover image, which was taken outside his home in Lawrence, Kansas, USA, where the sunflower fields are in bloom for only one short week in September.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: JavaScript Primer
Chapter 2: Functions, Closures, and Modules
Chapter 3: Data Structures and Manipulation
Chapter 4: Object-Oriented JavaScript
Chapter 5: Testing and Debugging
Chapter 6: ECMAScript 6
Chapter 7: DOM Manipulation and Events
Chapter 8: Server-Side JavaScript
Chapter 9: Designing for Fun and Profit
Chapter 10: Organizing Code
Chapter 11: Creational Patterns
Chapter 12: Structural Patterns
Chapter 13: Behavioral Patterns
Chapter 14: Functional Programming
Chapter 15: Reactive Programming
Chapter 16: Application Patterns
Chapter 17: Web Patterns
Chapter 18: Messaging Patterns
Chapter 19: Microservices
Chapter 20: Patterns for Testing
Chapter 21: Advanced Patterns
Chapter 22: ECMAScript-2015/2016 Solutions Today
Chapter 23: The Powers of JavaScript's Functional Side – a Demonstration
Chapter 24: Fundamentals of Functional Programming
Chapter 25: Setting Up the Functional Programming Environment
Chapter 26: Implementing Functional Programming Techniques in JavaScript
Chapter 27: Category Theory
Chapter 28: Advanced Topics and Pitfalls in JavaScript
Chapter 29: Functional and Object-oriented Programming in JavaScript


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