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JavaScript i veb animacija

JavaScript JavaScript

JavaScript i veb animacija

Autor: Julian Shapiro
Broj strana: 320
ISBN broj: 978-0-13-409666-7
Godina izdanja: 2015.

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Animation has been cemented as the most powerful tool in a web developer’s UI toolkit, animation is the driving force behind your app’s personality and visual sophistication. Does your app’s content casually bounce into view in a friendly way, or does it whip across the screen in a sleek and stylish way? This book guides you from choosing the right animation library all the way to extending it with your own animations in order to rival the polish of your favorite apps and sites. Discover the common errors people make, the best practices you should be following, and everything professional web animation has to offer when it’s fully mastered.

This book uses concise, focused examples to teach Web developers and UI designers how to create efficient and eye-catching motion effects in code. What is it that makes the best apps so sleek and intuitive? Readers will learn all the tricks, including how to design loading sequences that ensure users stay fully engaged instead of tuning out, how to leverage simple physics principles to make apps respond naturally to users’ input just like motion behaves in the real world, how to exploit CSS transforms to create rich depth in your animations, and how to use JavaScript libraries like jQuery and Velocity.js to enrich the user experience. Throughout, we will consider the balance between enriching a page with motion design and avoiding distracting users with unnecessary flourishes.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: JavaScript Animation

Chapter 2: JavaScript Animation Libraries

Chapter 3: Motion Design Theory

Chapter 4: Motion Design Implementation

Chapter 5: Animating Text

Chapter 6: Animating SVG

Chapter 7: Refining and Testing Animations

Chapter 8: Animation Performance


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