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Learn Microsoft Office 2019

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Learn Microsoft Office 2019

Autor: Linda Foulkes
Broj strana: 794
ISBN broj: 9781839217258
Godina izdanja: 2020.

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  • Use PowerPoint 2019 effectively to create engaging presentations
  • Gain working knowledge of Excel formulas and functions
  • Collaborate using Word 2019 tools, and create and format tables and professional documents
  • Organize emails, calendars, meetings, contacts, and tasks with Outlook 2019
  • Store information for reference, reporting, and analysis using Access 2019
  • Discover new functionalities such as Translator, Read Aloud, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), and data analysis tools that are useful for working professionals

Learn Microsoft Office 2019 provides a comprehensive introduction to the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. With the help of illustrated explanations, this Microsoft Office book will take you through the updated Office 2019 applications and guide you through implementing them using practical examples. You'll start by exploring the Word 2019 interface and creating professional Word documents using elements such as citations and cover pages, tracking changes, and performing mail merge. You'll then learn how to create impressive PowerPoint presentations and advance to performing calculations and setting up workbooks in Excel 2019, along with discovering its data analysis features. Later chapters will focus on Access 2019, assisting you in everything from organizing a database to constructing advanced queries. You'll then get up to speed with Outlook, covering how to create and manage tasks, as well as how to handle your mail and contacts effortlessly. Finally, you'll find solutions to commonly encountered issues and best practices for streamlining various workplace tasks. By the end of this book, you'll have learned the essentials of Office business apps and be ready to work with them to boost your productivity.

  • Explore MS Office to enhance productivity and boost your professional development
  • Get up and running with the new and improved features in Microsoft Office 2019
  • Discover how to overcome common challenges when working with Office 2019 applications

Table of contents

1 Section 1: Word

2 Exploring the Interface and Formatting Elements
Technical requirements
An overview of the interface features
Creating documents
Setting the printing options
Formatting text, styles, and paragraphs         

3 Creating Lists and Constructing Advanced Tables
Technical requirements
Creating bulleted and numbered lists
Working with tabbed lists
Creating tables
Editing and formatting tables
Customizing advanced tables

4 Creating Professional Documents
Technical requirements
Word-referencing features
Performing a mail merge
Constructing forms
Customizing page layouts

5 Versions, Restrictions, and Comparisons
Technical requirements
Recovering draft versions
Restricting access to documents and workbooks
Comparing and combining documents

6 Section 2: PowerPoint

7 The PowerPoint Interface and Presentation Options
Technical requirements
Introduction and new features
Saving presentations in different formats
Setting print options and layouts
Using view and zoom options

8 Formatting Slides, Tables, Charts, and Graphic Elements
Technical requirements
Setting up slides and applying layouts
Working with themes and text manipulation
Working with text boxes
Arranging and manipulating objects
Constructing and modifying tables
Inserting and modifying charts
Inserting audio and video

9 Photo Albums, Sections, and Show Tools
Technical requirements
Creating and modifying photo albums
Working with presentation sections
Applying animations and transitions
Using hyperlinks, actions, and comments
Exploring slide show options and custom shows
Using master slides and hiding slides

10 Section 3: Excel

11 Formatting, Manipulating, and Presenting Data Visually
Technical requirements
Introducing the interface and setting options
Constructing and formatting an Excel worksheet
Working with worksheets and sheet tabs
Sorting and filtering data
Setting print options
Creating charts based on worksheet data

12 Applying Formulas and Functions
Technical requirements
Learning basic formula operations
Constructing a formula
Using the Function Library
Applying named ranges in a formula

13 Analyzing and Organizing Data
Technical requirements
Consolidating data and investigating macros
Creating and managing PivotTables and PivotCharts
Working with the 3D Maps feature
Using tools for analysis in Excel
Understanding data models

14 Section 4: Common Tasks

15 Exporting and Optimizing Files and the Browser View
Technical requirements
Exporting files by changing the file type
Optimizing and compressing media in PowerPoint
Investigating the browser view options (Excel only)

16 Sharing and Protecting Files
Technical requirements
Sharing and collaborating in Office 2019
Presenting online
Protecting files in Office 2019

17 Section 5: Access

18 Database Organization and Setting Relationships
Technical requirements
Introduction to Access and the settings options
Constructing tables and manipulating data
Building relationships
Defining the primary key, join type, and referential integrity

19 Building Forms and Report Design
Technical requirements
Building forms
Form customization and layout
The report design, controls, and output

20 Constructing Queries to Analyze Data
Technical requirements
Constructing basic queries
Manipulating query fields and the Total row
Constructing advanced queries

21 Section 6: Outlook

22 Creating and Attaching Item Content
Technical requirements
Investigating the Outlook environment
Manipulating item tags
Working with views, filtering, and printing
Creating and sending email messages
Creating and managing Quick Steps
Attaching item content

23 Managing Mail and Contacts
Technical requirements
Cleaning up the mailbox and managing rules
Managing junk mail and automatic message content
Creating contact information and groups

24 Calendar Objects, Tasks, Notes, and Journal Entries
Technical requirements
Working with the calendar, appointments, and events
Modifying meeting requests and manipulating the calendar pane
Creating and managing tasks
Creating and manipulating notes and journal entries
Setting out-of-office options

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