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Learning ClojureScript

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Learning ClojureScript

Autor: W. David Jarvis, Rafik Naccache, Allen Rohner
Broj strana: 320
ISBN broj: 9781785887635
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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What You Will Learn

  • Understand how the ClojureScript compiler operates
  • Set up interactive development workflows for ClojureScript
  • Grasp the basics of the ClojureScript language, including basic syntax, data structures, variable scoping, namespaces, and finally the powerful sequence abstraction
  • Delve into advanced concepts such as functional programming, macro writing, asynchronous programming, app routing, and real-time web
  • Develop simple one page web applications
  • Explore techniques to make your web apps aware of the external world through external or embedded database access or Oauth 2 integration
  • Learn more advanced ClojureScript concepts like in app routing, real-time web
  • Prepare your work for production, getting insights into optional type-checking, writing portable Clojure/ClojureScript code, and testing

Book Description

Clojure is an expressive language that makes it possible to easily tackle complex software development challenges. Its bias toward interactive development has made it a powerful tool, enabling high developer productivity.

In this book, you will first learn how to construct an interactive development experience for ClojureScript.. You will be guided through ClojureScript language concepts, looking at the basics first, then being introduced to advanced concepts such as functional programming or macro writing. After that, we elaborate on the subject of single page web applications, showcasing how to build a simple one, then covering different possible enhancements. We move on to study more advanced ClojureScript concepts, where you will be shown how to address some complex algorithmic cases. Finally, you'll learn about optional type-checking for your programs, how you can write portable code, test it, and put the advanced compilation mode of the Google Closure Compiler to good use.


W. David Jarvis

W. David Jarvis is a software engineer living in San Francisco, California. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, gardening, playing pool in dive bars, and overthinking everything. He is active in the open source Clojure and ClojureScript communities, and software authored by him has been downloaded over 10,000 times.

David has worked for a number of companies now living or dead, including Aggregate Knowledge, CircleCI, Standard Treasury, and Airbnb. He is currently responsible for the build, test, and deployment infrastructure at Airbnb.

The "W" is for "William" (now you know!).

While David has made the unfortunate mistake of exposing his previous scribblings to the world, this is his first actual book.

Rafik Naccache

Rafik Naccache is a Tunisian experienced software architect and emergent technologies enthusiast. He earned his bachelors degree in computer science engineering from Tunis University of Science in 2001. Rafik fell in love with Clojure back in 2012, and he has been developing it professionally since 2013. He has occupied various positions in telecoms and banking, and he has launched some innovative internet startups in which he has been able to deploy Clojure apps. He also founded the Tunisian Clojure users community. He contributes to Open Source projects, such as Cryogen (, Milestones (, and Scheje ( You can reach him as @turbopape on GitHub and Twitter.

Allen Rohner

Allen Rohner is a software engineer and entrepreneur living in Austin, Texas. He is the founder of numerous startups. A few, including CircleCI, have even been successful.

Allen has been using Clojure and ClojureScript professionally since 2009, with commitments in Clojure core and dozens of other open source libraries. He has given multiple talks at Clojure/West and Clojure/conj.

Currently, Allen is working on a startup called Rasterize (, which helps companies improve conversion rate by optimizing website load times. While Allen has occasionally had blog posts go to #1 on Hacker News, this is the first 'real' book that he's collaborated on.

Table of Contents


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