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Learning Dart - Second Edition

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Learning Dart - Second Edition

Autor: Ivo Balbaert, Dzenan Ridjanovic
Broj strana: 368
ISBN broj: 9781785287626
Godina izdanja: 2015.

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About This Book

  • Develop apps for the modern web using Dart and HTML5
  • Clarify and shorten your Dart code using enums
  • Build a complex UI for business applications with Dart's Polymer framework, based on web components

Who This Book Is For

If you want to become a developer for the modern web, or wish to add Dart to your tool belt, then this book is for you. The book assumes you have basic HTML experience and know how web applications work. Some previous programming experience, preferably in a modern language like C#, Java, Python, Ruby or JavaScript, will give you a head start. You can work with Dart on your preferred platform, be it Linux, Mac OS X or Windows.

What You Will Learn

  • Structure your code using functions, classes, generics, packages and libraries
  • Use the power of modern browsers to process and store data
  • Make games by drawing, and using audio and video in the browser
  • Develop an application with a model-driven and spiral-paced approach
  • Discover the Observatory tools for profiling memory and CPU usage of Dart programs
  • Store your app's data in MySQL and MongoDB through Dart
  • Build powerful HTML5 forms, validate and store data in local storage, and use web components to build your own user interface
  • Run your Dart server on an App Engine Managed VM

In Detail

Dart is an open source programming language for the web, developed at Google, with a steadily growing community. It is a single language for both client and server, appropriate for the full range of devices on the web – including phones, tablets, laptops, and servers. It encompasses the lessons of the last two decades of web programming.

This book will give you a thorough overview of Dart, taking you through its ecosystem, syntax, and development principles.

With this book, you will build web games using HTML5, audio, and video, and also dive into processing and displaying data in HTML5 forms with Dart. You will also learn how web components fit together with HTML5, and how to apply them in business web applications of the future. You will discover how to store data on the client, communicate data between client and server with JSON, and store JSON data with MongoDB and MySQL.

Stop solving new challenges with the same old tools – let Dart show you a whole new way.


Ivo Balbaert

Ivo Balbaert is currently Lecturer (web) Programming and Databases at CVO Antwerpen, a community college in Belgium. He received a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the University of Antwerp in 1986. He worked for 20 years in the software industry as a developer and consultant in several companies, and for 10 years as project manager at the University Hospital of Antwerp. From 2000 onwards he switched to partly teaching and partly developing software (KHM Mechelen, CVO Antwerp).

Ivo also wrote an introductory book in Dutch about developing in Ruby and Rails: Programmeren met Ruby en Rails, Van Duuren Media.

In 2012 he authored a book on the Go programming language: The Way to Go. He wrote the first edition of Learning Dart in 2013 in collaboration with Dzenan Ridzanovic. His other work for Packt includes: Dart Cookbook (2013), Getting started with Julia (2014) and Rust Essentials (2015).

Dzenan Ridjanovic

Dzenan Ridjanovic is a university professor who is planning his early retirement to focus on the development of web applications with Dart, HTML5, web components, and NoSQL databases. For more than 10 years, he was a Director of Research and Development in the Silverrun team (, which created several commercial tools for analysis, design, and development of data-driven applications. He was a principal developer of Modelibra ( tools and frameworks for model-driven development in Java. Recently, he has been developing the Dartling framework for design and code generation of Dart models. His projects are at GitHub (, where he is considered a Dart expert ( He writes about his projects at On Dart blog ( His courses are available at On Dart Education ( He markets his Dart efforts at On Dart G+ Page ( Dzenan Ridjanovic wrote a book in 2009, under the Creative Commons License, entitled Spiral Development of Dynamic Web Applications: Using Modelibra and Wicket (

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