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Learning DevOps: Continuously Deliver Better Software

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Learning DevOps: Continuously Deliver Better Software

Autor: Joakim Verona, Michael Duffy, Paul Swartout
Broj strana: 713
ISBN broj: 9781787126619
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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What You Will Learn

  • Set up and familiarize yourself with all the tools you need to be efficient with DevOps
  • Design an application that is suitable for continuous deployment systems with DevOps in mind
  • Test the code using automated regression testing with Jenkins Selenium
  • Managing the lifecycle of hosts, from creation to ongoing management using Puppet Razor
  • Find out how to manage, use, and work with Code in the Git version management system
  • See what traps, pitfalls, and hurdles to look out for as you implement continuous delivery and DevOps

Book Description

Harness the power of DevOps to boost your skill set and make your IT organization perform better. If you’re keen to employ DevOps techniques to better your software development, this course contains all you need to overcome the day-to-day complications of managing complex infrastructures the DevOps way.

Start with your first module – Practical DevOps - that encompasses the entire flow from code from testing to production. Get a solid ground-level knowledge of how to monitor code for any anomalies, perform code testing, and make sure the code is running smoothly through a series of real-world exercise, and develop practical skills by creating a sample enterprise Java application.

In the second module, run through a series of tailored mini-tutorials designed to give you a complete understanding of every DevOps automation technique. Create real change in the way you deliver your projects by utilizing some of the most commendable software available today. Go from your first steps of managing code in Git to configuration management in Puppet, monitoring using Sensu, and more.

In the final module, get to grips with the continuous delivery techniques that will help you reduce the time and effort that goes into the delivery and support of software.

This Learning Path combines some of the best that Packt has to offer in one complete, curated package. It includes content from the following Packt products:


Joakim Verona

Joakim Verona is a consultant with a specialty in Continuous Delivery and DevOps. He has worked with all aspects of systems development since 1994. He has actively contributed as the lead implementer of complex multilayered systems such as web systems, multimedia systems, and mixed software/hardware systems. His wide-ranging technical interests led him to the emerging field of DevOps in 2004, where he has stayed ever since. Joakim completed his masters in computer science at Linköping Institute of Technology. He has also worked as a consultant in a wide range of assignments in various industries, such as banking and finance, telecom, industrial engineering, press and publishing, and game development. He is also interested in the Agile field and is a certified Scrum master, Scrum product owner, and Java professional.

Michael Duffy

Michael Duffy is a technology consultant who spends far too much of his time getting excited about automation tools. Michael lives in a tiny village in Suffolk and when he isn't reading, writing, or playing with automation and infrastructure tools, he can be found spending as much time as he can with his family. He runs his own consultancy, Stunt Hamster Ltd, and spends a lot of time telling clients that DevOps is an approach rather than a job title. Stunt Hamster Ltd. has provided services to clients as large as Telefonica O2 and BskyB and is currently working on software to ease the pain of managing decentralized platforms. Michael has previously written Puppet Reporting and Monitoring, published by Packt Publishing.

Paul Swartout

Paul Swartout has spent over 20 years working in the IT industry. Starting out as a developer with a small software house, he has filled a number of roles over the years, including software engineer, system administrator, project manager, program manager, operations manager, scrum master, Agile coach, and software development manager. He has worked across a number of different industries and sectors—from supply chain through manufacturing, education, and retail to entertainment—and within organizations of various sizes, from start-ups to multinational corporates. He is passionate about software and how it is delivered. Since he first encountered Agile over a decade ago, he has been committed to the adoption and implementation of Agile techniques and approaches to improve the efficiency, output, and lives of everyone involved in software development. Over the past few years, he has been heavily involved in the CD and DevOps movement, from heading the team within Nokia that implemented said ways of working to blogging, presenting, authoring, and evangelizing to whoever is in earshot. He strongly believes that CD and DevOps add massive value to the way software is delivered, and he wants to ensure as many people realize this as possible. Paul lives in a small seaside town in the southwest of the UK with his wife, daughters, and two small yapping things. He is a software development manager and Agile coach working for Microsoft, based in the MixRadio team in Bristol in the UK. He has also worked on Continuous Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart Guide. You can contact Paul and find out what he's up to via

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to DevOps and Continuous Delivery
Chapter 2: A View from Orbit
Chapter 3: How DevOps Affects Architecture
Chapter 4: Everything is Code
Chapter 5: Building the Code
Chapter 6: Testing the Code
Chapter 7: Deploying the Code
Chapter 8: Monitoring the Code
Chapter 9: Issue Tracking
Chapter 10: The Internet of Things and DevOps
Chapter 11: Basic Command Line Tools
Chapter 12: Ad Hoc Tasks with Ansible
Chapter 13: Automatic Host builds
Chapter 14: Virtualization with VMware ESXi
Chapter 15: Automation with Ansible
Chapter 16: Containerization with Docker
Chapter 17: Using Jenkins for Continuous Deployment
Chapter 18: Metric Collection with InfluxDB
Chapter 19: Log Management
Chapter 20: Monitoring with Sensu
Chapter 21: IAAS with Amazon AWS
Chapter 22: Application Performance Monitoring with New Relic
Chapter 23: Evolution of a Software House
Chapter 24: No Pain, No Gain
Chapter 25: Plan of Attack
Chapter 26: Culture and Behaviors
Chapter 27: Approaches, Tools, and Techniques
Chapter 28: Hurdles Along the Way
Chapter 29: Vital Measurements
Chapter 30: Are We There Yet?
Chapter 31: The Future is Bright


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