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Learning Ionic - Second Edition

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Learning Ionic - Second Edition

Autor: Arvind Ravulavaru
Broj strana: 378
ISBN broj: 9781786466051
Godina izdanja: 2017.

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What You Will Learn

  • Understanding the world of the mobile hybrid architecture
  • Scaffolding and working with Ionic templates
  • Transforming a single page app to a multi-page app using Navigation Controller
  • Integrating Ionic components, decorators, and services and rapidly developing complex applications
  • Theming Ionic apps as well as customizing components using SCSS
  • Working with Ionic Native to interface with device features, such as camera, notifications, and battery
  • Building a production grade app using Ionic and Uber API to let users book a ride
  • Migrating an Ionic 1 app to Ionic 2 or Ionic 3
  • Performing unit testing, end-to-end testing, and device testing on your apps
  • Deploying Ionic apps to store and manage their subsequent releases

Book Description

Ionic makes it incredibly easy to build beautiful and interactive mobile apps using HTML5, SCSS, and Angular. Ionic also makes app development easier, faster, and more fun.

This hands-on guide will help you understand the Ionic framework and how you can leverage it to create amazing real-time applications. We begin by covering the essential features of Angular 2, and then dive straight into how Ionic fits in today’s world of hybrid app development and give you a better understanding of the mobile hybrid architecture along the way.

Further on, you will learn how to work with Ionic decorators, services, and components, which will allow you to build complex apps using the Ionic framework. We will take a look at theming Ionic apps using the built-in SCSS setup. After that, we will explore Ionic Native, and you will learn how to integrate device-specific features, such as notifications, with the Ionic app. To complete our learning, we will be building a Rider app, using Ionic and Uber API, to book a ride.

Next, you will learn how to unit test, end-to-end test, monkey test, and execute device testing on AWS Device farm. Then, we will take a look at migrating the existing Ionic 1 apps to Ionic 2 and deploy them to the App Store. The final chapter on Ionic 3 wraps up this book by explaining the new features of Ionic 3 at the time of writing this book.

By the end of this book, you will be able to develop, deploy, and manage hybrid mobile applications built with Cordova, Ionic, and Angular.

All the examples in this book are valid for both Ionic 2 and Ionic 3.


Arvind Ravulavaru

Arvind Ravulavaru is a full stack consultant having over 8 years of experience in software development. For the last 4 years, Arvind has been working extensively on JavaScript, both on the server- and the client-side. Before that, Arvind worked on big data analytics, cloud provisioning, and orchestration. Arvind has good exposure on various databases and has also developed and architected applications built using Node.js.

For the past 2 years, Arvind has been working on his own startup, named The IoT Suitcase With his experience in software development and his passion for building products, Arvind has architected and developed an end-to-end platform for rapidly building IoT products and solutions. The IoT Suitcase provides all the pieces needed to build an IoT solution, right from hardware to a mobile app with analytics and IFTTT as add-ons.

Apart from that, Arvind provides training, empowering companies with the latest and greatest technology in the market. He also conducts startup workshops, where he teaches rapid prototyping with today's amazing tooling stack and how to take ideas to the market in a very short time.

Arvind always looks for ways to contribute to the open source community in making this world a better place for developers. As an architect/consultant, he always tries to power amazing business ideas with awesome technology solutions (he is language agnostic), moving the human race up the technology evolution chain.

You can reach Arvind on his blog at

Arvind has written a book named Learning Ionic, which talks about building Mobile Hybrid applications using Ionic Framework v1. He has also signed the contract for his next book, named Advanced IoT with JavaScript, where he plans to show how to build IoT solutions using JavaScript.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Angular - A Primer
Chapter 2: Welcome to Ionic
Chapter 3: Ionic Components and Navigation
Chapter 4: Ionic Decorators and Services
Chapter 5: Ionic and SCSS
Chapter 6: Ionic Native
Chapter 7: Building the Riderr App
Chapter 8: Ionic 2 Migration Guide
Chapter 9: Testing an Ionic 2 App
Chapter 10: Releasing the Ionic App
Chapter 11: Ionic 3
Chapter 12: Appendix


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