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Mastering Adobe Indesign CC 2020

Grafika, Dizajn, Štampa Grafika, Dizajn, Štampa

Mastering Adobe Indesign CC 2020

Autor: Iman Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed
Broj strana: 524
ISBN broj: 9781789538946
Godina izdanja: 2019.

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  • Core functions and tools of Adobe InDesign for creating pages, book, and magazine designs
  • Explore InDesign workspace, creation tools, and applications structure
  • Build a complete design project applying the techniques learned through the book
  • Transform design elements using both InDesign library and Creative Cloud library
  • Create and edit documents using the Master page feature in InDesign
  • Explore various options for working with images, shapes, text, tables, and colors for generating the desired output

Indesign is a rich application that inspires users to create brilliant designs for print, web, and digital media. This book attempts to simplify the rich tools, properties and techniques of Adobe InDesign through extensive coverage on design processes. The book starts with helping you get comfortable with the workspace of InDesign and take you through learning the menus and functions of InDesign. The book sets a roadmap for going from Beginner to Professional by building a full project, starting from the first chapter and end up with a full project by the end of the book. Each chapter includes the shortcuts for Windows and macOS at the end associated with every tool or option in InDesign. Once you get started using InDesign environment, the book extensively touches upon InDesign frameworks, Workspace, Pages, Master Pages, Text, among others functions and tools. By the end of the book, the readers will be able to design, develop, and troubleshoot their design projects and enhance them with expert tips and tricks.

  • Step-by-step guide from planning the design project to generating the desired output for web and print
  • Create engaging design solutions for print media such as posters, magazines, books, brochures, among others
  • Uncover InDesign secrets and back doors to increase productivity and simplify the design process

Table of contents

Section 1: InDesign Powerful Capabilities
Book and Magazine Design for Non-Designers
Getting Started with Adobe InDesign 2020
Creating Your First Document
Section 2: The Main Features of a Successful Document Setup with InDesign
Page Preparation and Design Implementation
Coloring Your Design
Master Page for a Professional Document Structure
Section 3: Importing Files and Organizing Content
10 Using InDesign Features to Organize Content
11 Placing and Manipulating External Files
12 Section 4: Enriching Your Design with Text and Tables
13 Working with Text
14 A Deep Dive into Text Options
15 Using Tables
16 Section 5: Advanced Techniques, Tips, and Tricks
17 InDesign Advanced Techniques, Tips, and Tricks
18 Preparing Your File for Printing and Publishing
19 Questions and Answers
20 Other Books You May Enjoy



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