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Mastering Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin

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Mastering Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin

Autor: Can Bilgin
Broj strana: 390
ISBN broj: 9781785285684
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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What You Will Learn

  • Configure your environment for cross-platform projects with Xamarin
  • Gain memory management skills to avoid memory leaks and premature code cycles while decreasing the memory print of your applications
  • Employ asynchronous and parallel patterns to execute non-interactive and non-blocking processes
  • Create and use SQLite databases for offline scenarios
  • Integrate network resources with cross-platform applications
  • Design and implement eye-catching and reusable UI components without compromising nativity in mobile applications
  • Manage the application lifecycle of cross-platform development projects
  • Distribute Xamarin applications through public or private channels

Book Description

The main goal of this book is to equip you with the required know-how to successfully analyze, develop, and manage Xamarin cross-platform projects using the most efficient, robust, and scalable implementation patterns.

This book starts with general topics such as memory management, asynchronous programming, local storage, and networking, and later moves onto platform-specific features. During this transition, you will learn about key tools to leverage the patterns described, as well as advanced implementation strategies and features. The book also presents User Interface design and implementation concepts on Android and iOS platforms from a Xamarin and cross-platform perspective, with the goal to create a consistent but native UI experience.

Finally, we show you the toolset for application lifecycle management to help you prepare the development pipeline to manage and see cross-platform projects through to public or private release.


Can Bilgin

Can Bilgin currently works for Authority Partners Inc. as a program architect. He has been working in the software industry, primarily with Microsoft technologies, for over a decade and has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for his technical contributions. In this period, he played key roles in projects for high profile clients using technologies such as BizTalk, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Xamarin, WCF, and other web technologies.

His main passion lies in mobile and IoT development using the modern toolset available for developers.

He tries to share his experience on his blog (, social media (@can_bilgin), and through speaking engagements at both local and international conferences and community events in the Balkans region.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Developing with Xamarin
Chapter 2: Memory Management
Chapter 3: Asynchronous Programming
Chapter 4: Local Data Management
Chapter 5: Networking
Chapter 6: Platform Extras
Chapter 7: View Elements
Chapter 8: Xamarin.Forms
Chapter 9: Reusable UI Patterns
Chapter 10: ALM – Developers and QA
Chapter 11: ALM – Project and Release Management
Chapter 12: ALM – App Stores and Publishing


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