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Mastering Linux Virtualization

Unix, Linux Unix, Linux

Mastering Linux Virtualization

Autor: Prasad Mukhedkar, Anil Vettathu
Broj strana: 321
ISBN broj: 9781784399054
Godina izdanja: 2015.

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About This Book

  • Implement KVM on the Linux Box and become the go-to person for Linux virtualization in your organization
  • Acquire the key skills needed to migrate your application from datacenter virtualization to the cloud
  • Understand how Linux virtualization can be used to build large scale, centralized, enterprise grade virtualization

Who This Book Is For

If you’re a minimum of advanced novice or intermediate level administrator in Linux, with reasonable knowledge level and understanding of core elements and applications, then this book is for you.

What You Will Learn

  • Get to grips with Linux virtualization and the technology available in this arena
  • See why KVM offers a better virtualization platform
  • Implement KVM virtualization using oVirt
  • Understand the KVM architecture
  • Migrate from datacenter virtualization to the cloud
  • Grasp the concepts of OpenStack and its various service offerings

In Detail

Linux is the leading OS on the enterprise market. One of the major technologies used to achieve this is Kernal Virtual Machine (KVM). KVM is an integral part of the Linux OS, and you don’t need to use an external hypervisor like Xen or VMWare.

Through this book, you will develop the skills to implement KVM as datacenter virtualization, and have you a better understanding of the current Linux virtualization market and the KVM architecture.

The book starts by giving you an insight into the prevailing technologies in Linux virtualization, and then explains how to set up a standalone KVN virtualization platform and libvirt-based management tools to manage it. Next, you will deep dive into using KVM virtualization with virt-manager and kimchi-project, along with various advanced settings and features provided by virt-manager to help you efficiently manage virtual machines.

Moving on, the book provides well-tested backup and recovery strategies for KVM virtual machines, and explains how the performance of Microsoft Windows and RHEL virtual machines can be improved. It will help you understand how Linux virtualization can be used to build large scale, centralized, enterprise grade virtualization, and also teach you about oVirt’s features, such as oVirt node scalability, performance, and security, and their implementation. Next, you will learn to integrate KVM with OpenStack and find out how SDN and existing standards are integrated with OpenStack.

Finally, you will find out how to migrate your existing physical machines to the cloud, as well as the various tools available to perform this migration.


Prasad Mukhedkar

Prasad Mukhedkar is a Senior Technical Support Engineer at Red Hat. His particular area of expertise is in designing, building, and supporting IT Infrastructure for workloads, especially large virtialization environments and cloud IaaS, using open source technologies. Skilled in KVM Virtualizatuon with continuous working experience starting with its very early version, Possess extensive hands and technical knowledge of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. These days his is primarily concentrating on Openstack and Cloudforms Platforms. His other area of interest includes Linux Performance Tuning, Designing highly scalable open source identity management solutions and enterprise IT security. He is a huge fan of linux "GNU Screen" utility.

Anil Vettathu

Anil Vettathu started his interaction with Linux in college. He started his career in 2006 as a Linux System Administrator. He has specialized in Open Source Virtualization technologies, especially KVM. He had the opportunity to work on Ovirt & RHEV from its very early versions. Currently, he is working as a TAM for Red Hat.

Table of Contents


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