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Mastering Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3

Web design Web design

Mastering Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3

Autor: Ricardo Zea
Broj strana: 334
ISBN broj: 9781783550234
Godina izdanja: 2015.

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About This Book

  • Build responsive designs with solid yet simple HTML5 and CSS3 best practices
  • Use CSS preprocessors (Sass) to speed up the creation of CSS
  • Each chapter covers a different feature of RWD with carefully chosen, interesting examples, including the latest developments in responsive design

Who This Book Is For

If you already know some HTML and CSS and understand the principles of responsive web design, this book is for you. There’s something here for you to learn regardless of if you’re a web designer or web developer, or whether you’re a seasoned expert web professional.

What You Will Learn

  • Install and use Sass with SCSS syntax to create your CSS
  • Use HTML5 tags the right way for the right type of content
  • Enhance the experience of users with assistive technology with ARIA roles
  • Design with desktop-first approach but implement with mobile-first methodology
  • For your layouts, either create and use your own scalable CSS grid, or use Flexbox
  • Create three types of navigation for small screen devices
  • Find the best way to serve the best type of image and how to make videos responsive
  • Build custom responsive emails to ensure the message gets across regardless of the device

In Detail

Responsive web design is getting more complex day by day and without the necessary design and development skill sets, it’s a matter of time before we’re left behind.

Building meaningful and accessible websites and apps using HTML5 and CSS3 is a must if we want to create memorable experiences for the users. In the ever-changing world of web designers and developers, being proficient in responsive web design is no longer an option, it is mandatory.

Whether you’re a web designer or web developer, or a seasoned expert web professional, this book will bolster your HTML and CSS skills to a master level.

The book is designed in a way that each chapter will take you one step closer to becoming an expert in RWD. The book begins with introducing you to the power of CSS preprocessors, Sass in this case, to increase the speed of writing repetitive CSS tasks, then use simple but meaningful HTML examples; and add ARIA roles to increase accessibility. You will also understand why a mobile-first approach is ideal.

Next, you will learn how to use an easily scalable CSS grid or if you prefer, use Flexbox instead. Create navigations for small screen devices using the “drawer navigation,” “off-canvas” or “toggle” navigation patterns, and also implement images and media in both responsive and responsible ways. Finally, you will build a solid and meaningful typographic scale and make sure your messages and communications display correctly with responsive emails.


Ricardo Zea

Ricardo Zea, originally from Medellín, Colombia, is a passionate and seasoned full-stack designer now located in Dayton, OH (USA). He is always looking for ways to level up his skills and of those around him. Constantly wondering how things are made on the Web, how they work, and why they work the way they do have made Ricardo a very technical designer, allowing him to explain to others the intricacies of design and the technicalities of the Web in ways that are very easy to understand and assimilate.

With a master's degree in publicity and advertising and having a deep passion for understanding human behavior complemented with a fierce competitive PC gaming hunger have allowed Ricardo to "switch" from the creative side of the brain to the rational side very easily. This has allowed him to visualize and create technically sound web and mobile designs that are responsive, perform well, and convey the proper message through design.

Ricardo is the organizer of the CodePen Dayton meetup group. He's a member of the Dayton Web Developers and UX Dayton meetup groups. He's also one of the first members of SitePoint's Ambassadors program. He is the author of the monthly Web Design & Development, Level Up! Newsletter. He was also a technical reviewer for the books Sass and Compass, Designers Cookbook and Sass Essentials by Packt Publishing. He is a real-time, live one-on-one expert advisor on For several years, he was also a Flash and CorelDRAW professor at different universities in his home country, Colombia.

Ricardo has 15 years of experience in web design and 20 years of experience in visual and graphic design.

You can contact Ricardo through the following links:

Personal website:

Twitter: @ricardozea (


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Harness the Power of Sass for Responsive Web Design
Chapter 2: Marking Our Content with HTML5
Chapter 3: Mobile-first or Desktop-first?
Chapter 4: CSS Grids, CSS Frameworks, UI Kits, and Flexbox for RWD
Chapter 5: Designing Small UIs Driven by Large Finger
Chapter 6: Working with Images and Videos in Responsive Web Design
Chapter 7: Meaningful Typography for Responsive Web Design
Chapter 8: Responsive E-mails



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