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Mastering Spring Application Development

Web design Web design

Mastering Spring Application Development

Autor: Anjana Mankale
Broj strana: 288
ISBN broj: 9781783987320
Godina izdanja: 2015.

Pregleda (30 dana / ukupno): 21 / 1457

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About This Book

  • Build full-featured web applications, such as Spring MVC applications, efficiently that will get you up and running with Spring web development
  • Reuse working code snippets handy for integration scenarios such as Twitter, e-mail, FTP, databases, and many others
  • An advanced guide which includes Java programs to integrate Spring with Thymeleaf

Who This Book Is For

If you are a Java developer with experience in developing applications with Spring, then this book is perfect for you. A good working knowledge of Spring programming conventions and applying dependency injections is recommended to make the most of this book.

What You Will Learn

  • The best approach to configuring Spring applications
  • Read as well as manipulate data in MongoDB using Spring Data
  • Configure Spring Batch to schedule jobs
  • Use Spring Hbase template implementation
  • Bootstrap your application with Spring Boot
  • Create and use Apache Hadoop jobs to handle big data
  • Integrate Spring with Thymeleaf
  • Create RESTful services and SOAP services using Spring Web Service framework
  • Develop maven applications by using the spring-integration-ftp package
  • Configure Hadoop jobs in the Spring framework

In Detail

Spring is an open source Java application development framework to build and deploy systems and applications running on the JVM. It is the industry standard for Web development and the most popular framework among Java developers. It makes it easy to build modular and testable Web applications by using the Model-View-Controller paradigm and dependency injection.

Mastering Spring Application Development will take you on a journey from developing simple applications with Spring Data and MongoDB to caching your application with Spring Cache. You will discover how Thymeleaf will help you develop applications faster and how to configure it, and how to master dependency. Finally, you will get to grips with Web services by creating RESTful services and SOAP services using Spring Web Service framework, helping you to write Web service client code. You will learn how to set up a spring cache and tie your caching code with business logic.


Anjana Mankale

Anjana Mankale is a tech lead and has 8 years of experience in developing web applications. She has developed applications for healthcare, e-commerce portals, media portals, and content management systems using Spring and Struts2. She is extensively involved in application design and implementation. She has worked on Amazon Cloud and Spring Web Services and has recently been involved in deploying and designing cloud-based multitenant applications. Anjana has also authored a cookbook, Spring Security 3.x Cookbook, Packt Publishing.

Anjana is passionate about blogging (, where she shares her write-ups and technical code that she has worked on.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Spring Mongo Integration
Chapter 2: Messaging with Spring JMS
Chapter 3: Mailing with Spring Mail
Chapter 4: Jobs with Spring Batch
Chapter 5: Spring Integration with FTP
Chapter 6: Spring Integration with HTTP
Chapter 7: Spring with Hadoop
Chapter 8: Spring with OSGI
Chapter 9: Bootstrap your Application with Spring Boot
Chapter 10: Spring Cache
Chapter 11: Spring with Thymeleaf Integration
Chapter 12: Spring with Web Service Integration


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