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Mastering Spring Boot 2.0

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Mastering Spring Boot 2.0

Autor: Dinesh Rajput
Broj strana: 390
ISBN broj: 9781787127562
Godina izdanja: 2018.

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What You Will Learn

  • Build logically structured and highly maintainable Spring Boot applications
  • Configure RESTful microservices using Spring Boot
  • Make the application production and operation-friendly with Spring Actuator
  • Build modern, high-performance distributed applications using cloud patterns
  • Manage and deploy your Spring Boot application to the cloud (AWS)
  • Monitor distributed applications using log aggregation and ELK

Book Description

Spring is one of the best frameworks on the market for developing web, enterprise, and cloud ready software. Spring Boot simplifies the building of complex software dramatically by reducing the amount of boilerplate code, and by providing production-ready features and a simple deployment model.

This book will address the challenges related to power that come with Spring Boot's great configurability and flexibility. You will understand how Spring Boot configuration works under the hood, how to overwrite default configurations, and how to use advanced techniques to prepare Spring Boot applications to work in production. This book will also introduce readers to a relatively new topic in the Spring ecosystem – cloud native patterns, reactive programming, and applications. Get up to speed with microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. Each chapter aims to solve a specific problem or teach you a useful skillset. By the end of this book, you will be proficient in building and deploying your Spring Boot application.


Dinesh Rajput

Dinesh Rajput is the founder of Dineshonjava, a blog for Spring and Java techies. He is a Spring enthusiast and a Pivotal Certified Spring Professional. He has written a bestselling book, Spring 5 Design Patterns. He has more than 10 years of experience with different aspects of Spring and cloud-native development, such as REST APIs and microservices architecture.

He is currently working as an architect at a leading product. He worked as a tech lead at Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd and Paytm.

He completed his master's degree in computer engineering at JSS Noida, and he lives in Noida, India.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Spring Boot 2.0
Chapter 2: Customizing Auto-Configuration in Spring Boot Application
Chapter 3: Getting Started with Spring CLI and Actuator
Chapter 4: Getting Started with Spring Cloud and Configuration
Chapter 5: Spring Cloud Netflix and Service Discovery
Chapter 6: Building Spring Boot RESTful Microservice
Chapter 7: Creating API Gateway with Netflix Zuul Proxy
Chapter 8: Simplify HTTP API with Feign Client
Chapter 9: Building Event-Driven and Asynchronous Reactive Systems
Chapter 10: Building Resilient Systems Using Hystrix and Turbine
Chapter 11: Testing Spring Boot Application
Chapter 12: Containerizing Microservice
Chapter 13: API Management
Chapter 14: Deploying in Cloud (AWS)
Chapter 15: Production Ready Service Monitoring and Best Practices



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