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Mastering Swift 2

Apple - MAC OS X Apple - MAC OS X

Mastering Swift 2

Autor: Jon Hoffman
Broj strana: 408
ISBN broj: 9781785886034
Godina izdanja: 2015.

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About This Book

  • Harness the latest and most advanced features of Swift 2 to develop quality iOS and OSX applications
  • Comprehensive coverage of all the advanced features of Swift and guidance on advanced design techniques
  • Dive deep into protocol extensions, learn new error handling model, and use featured Swift design patterns to write more efficient code

Who This Book Is For

This book is for developers that want to dive into the newest version of Swift. If you want in-depth knowledge of some of the most sophisticated elements of Swift development including protocol extensions, error-handling, design patterns, and concurrency, Mastering Swift 2 gives you guidance on how to use and apply them in your own projects.

What You Will Learn

  • Dive into the core components of Swift 2 including operators, collections, control flow, and functions
  • Create and use classes, structures, and enums including object-oriented topics such as inheritance, protocols, and extensions
  • Develop a practical understanding of subscripts, optionals, and closures
  • Learn how to use the new protocol extension and error handling features of Swift 2
  • Add concurrency to your applications using Grand Central Dispatch
  • Master Objective-C interoperability with Mix and Match
  • Access network resources using Swift
  • Implement various standard design patterns in the Swift language

In Detail

At their Worldwide Developer’s conference (WWDC) in 2015, Apple announced Swift 2, a major update to the innovative programming language they first unveiled to the world the year before. Swift 2 features exciting enhancements to the original iteration of Swift, acting, as Apple put it themselves as “a successor to the C and Objective-C languages.” – This book demonstrates how to get the most from these new features, and gives you the skills and knowledge you need to develop dynamic iOS and OS X applications.

Learn how to harness the newest features of Swift 2 todevelop advanced applications on a wide range of platforms with this cutting-edge development guide. Exploring and demonstrating how to tackle advanced topics such as Objective-C interoperability, ARC, closures, and concurrency, you’ll develop your Swift expertise and become even more fluent in this vital and innovative language. With examples that demonstrate how to put the concepts into practice, and design patterns and best practices, you’ll be writing better iOS and OSX applications in with a new level of sophistication and control.


Jon Hoffman

Jon Hoffman has over 20 years of experience in the field of information technology. Over those 20 years, he has worked in the areas of system administration, network administration, network security, application development, and architecture. Currently, he works as a senior software engineer with Syn-Tech Systems.

He has developed extensively for the iOS platform since 2008. This includes several apps that he has published in the App Store and written for third parties, besides numerous enterprise applications.

In January of 2014, he authored his first book, iOS and OS X Network Programming Cookbook, Packt Publishing.

What really drives him is the challenges in the information technology field. There is nothing more exhilarating to him than overcoming a challenge. Some of his other interests are watching baseball (Go Sox) and basketball (Go Celtics). He also really enjoys taekwondo, where he and his eldest daughter, Kailey, earned their black belts together early in 2014. Kim (his wife) earned her black belt in December 2014 and his youngest daughter is currently working toward hers.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Taking the First Steps with Swift
Chapter 2: Learning about Variables, Constants, Strings, and Operators
Chapter 3: Using Collections and Cocoa Data Types
Chapter 4: Control Flow and Functions
Chapter 5: Classes and Structures
Chapter 6: Using Protocols and Protocol Extensions
Chapter 7: Writing Safer Code with Availability and Error Handling
Chapter 8: Working with XML and JSON Data
Chapter 9: Custom Subscripting
Chapter 10: Using Optional Types
Chapter 11: Working with Generics
Chapter 12: Working with Closures
Chapter 13: Using Mix and Match
Chapter 14: Concurrency and Parallelism in Swift
Chapter 15: Swift Formatting and Style Guide
Chapter 16: Network Development with Swift
Chapter 17: Adopting Design Patterns in Swift


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