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Mastering Windows Server 2019 - Second Edition

Windows Windows

Mastering Windows Server 2019 - Second Edition

Autor: Jordan Krause
Broj strana: 524
ISBN broj: 9781789804539
Godina izdanja: 2019.

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  • Work with the updated Windows Server 2019 interface, including Server Core and Windows Admin Center
  • Secure your network and data with new technologies in Windows Server 2019
  • Learn about containers and understand the appropriate situations to use Nano Server
  • Discover new ways to integrate your data center with Microsoft Azure
  • Harden your Windows Servers to help keep the bad guys out
  • Virtualize your data center with Hyper-V

Mastering Windows Server 2019 – Second Edition covers all of the essential information needed to implement and utilize this latest-and-greatest platform as the core of your data center computing needs. You will begin by installing and managing Windows Server 2019, and by clearing up common points of confusion surrounding the versions and licensing of this new product. Centralized management, monitoring, and configuration of servers is key to an efficient IT department, and you will discover multiple methods for quickly managing all of your servers from a single pane of glass. To this end, you will spend time inside Server Manager, PowerShell, and even the new Windows Admin Center, formerly known as Project Honolulu. Even though this book is focused on Windows Server 2019 LTSC, we will still discuss containers and Nano Server, which are more commonly related to the SAC channel of the server platform, for a well-rounded exposition of all aspects of using Windows Server in your environment. We also discuss the various remote access technologies available in this operating system, as well as guidelines for virtualizing your data center with Hyper-V. By the end of this book, you will have all the ammunition required to start planning for, implementing, and managing Windows.

  • Develop necessary skills to design and implement Microsoft Server 2019 in enterprise environment
  • Provide support to your medium to large enterprise and leverage your experience in administering Microsoft Server 2019
  • Effectively administering Windows server 2019 with the help of practical examples

Table of contents

1 Getting Started with Windows Server 2019
The purpose of Windows Server
It's getting cloudy out there
Windows Server versions and licensing
Overview of new and updated features
Navigating the interface
Using the newer Settings screen
Task Manager
Task View

2 Installing and Managing Windows Server 2019
Technical requirements
Installing Windows Server 2019
Installing roles and features
Centralized management and monitoring
Windows Admin Center (WAC)
Enabling quick server rollouts with Sysprep

3 Core Infrastructure Services
What is a Domain Controller?
Using AD DS to organize your network
The power of Group Policy
Domain Name System (DNS)
DHCP versus static addressing
Back up and restore
MMC and MSC shortcuts

4 Certificates in Windows Server 2019
Common certificate types
Planning your PKI
Creating a new certificate template
Issuing your new certificates
Creating an auto-enrollment policy
Obtaining a public-authority SSL certificate
Exporting and importing certificates

5 Networking with Windows Server 2019
Introduction to IPv6
Your networking toolbox
Building a routing table
NIC Teaming
Software-defined networking
Azure Network Adapter

6 Enabling Your Mobile Workforce
Always On VPN
Remote Access Management Console
DA, VPN, or AOVPN? Which is best?
Web Application Proxy
Requirements for WAP
Latest improvements to WAP

7 Hardening and Security
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection
Windows Defender Firewall – no laughing matter
Encryption technologies
Banned passwords
Advanced Threat Analytics
General security best practices

8 Server Core
Why use Server Core?
Interfacing with Server Core
Windows Admin Center for managing Server Core
The Sconfig utility
Roles available in Server Core
What happened to Nano Server?

9 Redundancy in Windows Server 2019
Network Load Balancing (NLB)
Configuring a load-balanced website
Failover clustering
Clustering tiers
Setting up a failover cluster
Recent clustering improvements in Windows Server
Storage Spaces Direct (S2D)

10 PowerShell
Why move to PowerShell?
Working within PowerShell
PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment
Remotely managing a server
Desired State Configuration

11 Containers and Nano Server
Understanding application containers
Containers and Nano Server
Windows Server containers versus Hyper-V containers
Docker and Kubernetes
Working with containers

12 Virtualizing Your Data Center with Hyper-V
Designing and implementing your Hyper-V Server
Using virtual switches
Creating a new virtual switch
Implementing a new virtual server
Managing a virtual server
Shielded VMs
Integrating with Linux
ReFS deduplication
Hyper-V Server 2019



• Alen Horozic
Cao! Mislim da bi bilo vrjeme da obnovimo znanje sa jednom malo novijom knjigom o Windows Serveru 2019

• Dejan Dmitrovic
Postovani, hoce li ova knjiga biti prevedena u skorije vreme i dostupna za narucivanje. Hvala unapred na odgovoru.

• Snežana
Poštovanje, da li će se u skorije vreme ova knjiga nači u prodaji?

• Daniel
Zadnje što je izašlo na srpskom o Windows Serveru je bilo za verziju 2012. Mislim da bi ova knjiga bila interesantna za sve nas koji se bavimo administracijom Windows Servera.

• Aleksandar
Pozdrav, zainteresovan sam za knjigu, zanima me da li ce biti na srpskom u skorije vreme? Hvala

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