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Learning Single-page Web Application Development

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Learning Single-page Web Application Development

Autor: Fernando Monteiro
Broj strana: 214
ISBN broj: 9781783552092
Godina izdanja: 2015.

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About This Book

  • Deal with user authentication on single page web application.
  • Test with Karma and Protractor
  • Continuous deployment with automated tools

Who This Book Is For

This book is aimed at web developers who are familiar with frontend technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and modern tools like Bower, Yeoman, and Grunt.

What You Will Learn

  • Streamline your development work with Bower, Yeoman, and Grunt.js
  • Configure an AngularJS application using modules
  • Test AngularJS applications with Karma and Protractor
  • Create a conference web application
  • Start from scratch and refactor your applications using Yo Express generator
  • Use the new features of Express 4 such as Router, static middleware, and more
  • Set up user authentication and store sessions with Passport

In Detail

Learning Single-page Web Application Development is a journey through application development using the MEAN stack with JavaScript  on the server side and client side, covering concepts such as RESTful, authentication and session on SPA. You will build large-scale applications. You will use a JavaScript environment with Node.js on the server, MongoDB as the database, and AngularJS on the frontend.

Everything is integrated with the Bower dependency manager, Yeoman, and other modern tools to speed up your development process. You will deploy your application to the cloud and learn how to prepare your directory structure to scale and grow.

Learning Single-page Web Application Development will give you an overview of AngularJS and RESTful APIs, and guide you in learning how to leverage single page development tools to create efficient and effective applications.


Table of Contents

1: Understanding Single Page Application
2: Taking a Deep Dive into Node.js and MongoDB
3: API with MongoDB and Node.js
4: Creating a Conference Web Application
5: Starting with AngularJS
6: Understanding Angular Views and Models
7: Testing Angular SPA with Karma and Protractor
8: Deploying the Application to the Cloud


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