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Node.js 6.x Blueprints

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Node.js 6.x Blueprints

Autor: Fernando Monteiro
Broj strana: 376
ISBN broj: 9781785888434
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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What You Will Learn

  • Explore MVC design pattern in Node.js
  • Build solid architectures by following test-driven development
  • Look beyond web applications and create your own desktop app with Node.js
  • Develop single page applications using Node.js with the RESTful APIs, MongoDB, and ORM
  • Master the Express framework and build a complete application with a real database
  • Create a real-time and fully functional online chat application with Socket.IO

Book Description

Node.js is the most popular framework to create server-side applications today. Be it web, desktop, or mobile, Node.js comes to your rescue to create stunning real-time applications. Node.js 6.x Blueprints will teach you to build these types of projects in an easy-to-understand manner.

The key to any Node.js project is a strong foundation on the concepts that will be a part of every project. The book will first teach you the MVC design pattern while developing a Twitter-like application using Express.js. In the next chapters, you will learn to create a website and applications such as streaming, photography, and a store locator using MongoDB, MySQL, and Firebase.

Once you’re warmed up, we’ll move on to more complex projects such as a consumer feedback app, a real-time chat app, and a blog using Node.js with frameworks such as and Finally, we’ll explore front-end build processes, Docker, and continuous delivery.

By the end of book, you will be comfortable working with Node.js applications and will know the best tools and frameworks to build highly scalable desktop and cloud applications.


Fernando Monteiro

Fernando Monteiro is a full-stack engineer, speaker, and open source contributor. He has built and made some of his personal projects open source, such as Responsive Boilerplate, Frontend Boilerplate, Angm-Generator, and TrelloMetrics, written in AngularJS, Node.js, Less, and SASS.

With around 16 years of experience in information technology, his current focus is on web and mobile JavaScript applications. He has a strong understanding and experience with all phases of the software engineering life cycle, including source control, design, build/release, and automated testing.

He has worked as a manager of e-commerce, and a UX designer for various companies and products, including mobile applications.

When not programming, Fernando enjoys riding Harley Davidson bikes, making his own beer, and watching movies with his family.

You can find him on LinkedIn at

The following are his previous books with Packt Publishing:

Instant HTML5 Responsive Table Design How-to in April 2013 :

Learning Single Page Web Application Development in December 2014:

AngularJS Directives Cookbook in November 2015 :

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Building a Twitter-Like Application Using the MVC Design Pattern
Chapter 2: Build a Basic Website Using MySQL Database
Chapter 3: Building a Multimedia Application
Chapter 4: Dont Take a Photograph, Make It – An App for Photographers
Chapter 5: Creating a Store Locator Application with MongoDB Geospatial Query
Chapter 6: Building a Customer Feedback App with a Restful API and
Chapter 7: Building a Real–Time Chat Application with
Chapter 8: Creating a Blog with the Keystone CMS
Chapter 9: Building a Frontend Process with Node.js and NPM
Chapter 10: Creating and Deploying Using Continuous Integration and Docker


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