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Photo Restoration From Snapshots to Great Shots

Digitalna fotografija Digitalna fotografija

Photo Restoration From Snapshots to Great Shots

Autor: Robert Correll
Broj strana: 264
ISBN broj: 9780134120119
Godina izdanja: 2015.

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In Photo Restoration: From Snapshots to Great Shots, author Robert Correll carefully guides you through the process of restoring your photos, teaching you the most effective techniques to preserve and repair your damaged or aging images. Organized based on a helpful photo restoration workflow, the book will feature Adobe Photoshop as the primary software solution of choice, with coverage of Photoshop Elements and Lightroom as well. Read the book from start to finish or quickly access the information you need for the specific photo problems at hand.

The book will start by covering the basics, such as how to evaluate how a photo is damaged and then move to the appropriate solution; how to properly handle and scan/import your photos; and how to use Photoshop as a photo retouching tool, with information on how Photoshop Elements and Lightroom can also play a role in restoring your images.

The book then dives into specific issues that arise with old or damaged photos, such as removal of dust, scuff marks, and stains; repairing actual damage such as creases or missing corners; correcting color-related problems like blue or yellow-tinted images and oversaturation; and improving the contrast and brightness of both color and black-and-white images. Finally, the book finishes up by showing you how to add a special touch of greatness and creativity to your photos, in addition to printing and archiving.

Chapter 1. The Art and Science of Photo Restoration

An Exercise in Problem Solving

Necessary Hardware

Software Solutions

Categorizing Common Problems

Evaluating Photos

Dealing with Expectations

Following an Organized Workflow

Chapter 2. Preparing and Scanning Photos

Choosing a Scanner

Understanding Scanner Options

Creating Custom Scan Presets

Removing Photos from Albums

Removing Photos from Frames

Handling Photos

Aligning Photos on the Scanner Bed

Scanning Photos

Scanning Oversized Photos

Scanning Photos in Albums

Scanning Other Documents

Chapter 3. Working with Photoshop

Touring the Photoshop Interface

Understanding Key Photoshop Concepts

Setting General Photoshop Preferences

Setting Color Profile Options

Top 10 Photo Restoration Tools

Developing Practical Skills

Comparing Before and After

Comparing Alternate Approaches

Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Lightroom

Chapter 4. Cleaning the Surface



Scuff Marks

Spots and Stains

Splotches and Gunk

Tape and Tape Residue

Chapter 5. Repairing Physical Damage


Pin Holes

Surface Damage

Damaged Faces


Damaged Edges

Damaged Corners

Missing Corners

Cut Photos

Torn Photos

Chapter 6. Correcting and Enhancing Color

Blue Tint (Color Photo)

Blue Tint (Black and White Photo)

Yellowing (Color Photo)

Yellowing (Black and White Photo)

Muted Colors

Fading Colors

Oversaturated Colors

Discolored Areas

Converting to Black and White

Re-colorizing and Tinting

Problematic Film Development

Double Exposures

Exposed Negatives

Chapter 7. Adjusting Brightness and Contrast

Dark Photos

Dark Shadows

Brightness and Glare

Featureless Skies

Dark Subject against a Bright Background

Bright Subjects

Low Contrast

Excessive Contrast

Enhancing Exposure

Chapter 8. Tackling Other Problems


Straightening Photos

Cropping to Improve Composition



Chapter 9. Creating Great Shots

Recognizing Great Photos

What Not to Do

Creating Artistic Interpretations

Home Printing

Professional Printing



Robert Correll is a passionate photographer and author. He loves helping and encouraging others to grow and reach their potential, while having fun in the process! He has written on subjects ranging from general digital SLR photography and specific digital SLR models to HDR photography and books on photo retouching and restoration. As you can tell from this book, he loves artistic photography and creative photo processing. When not writing and taking photos, Robert enjoys family life, playing the guitar and bass, and recording music. Robert graduated from the United States Air Force Academy.


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