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Oracle Database 12c Security Cookbook

Oracle Oracle

Oracle Database 12c Security Cookbook

Autor: Zoran Pavlović, Maja Veselica
Broj strana: 388
ISBN broj: 9781782172123
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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What You Will Learn

  • Analyze application privileges and reduce the attack surface
  • Reduce the risk of data exposure by using Oracle Data Redaction and Virtual Private Database
  • Control data access and integrity in your organization using the appropriate database feature or option
  • Learn how to protect your databases against application bypasses
  • Audit user activity using the new auditing architecture
  • Restrict highly privileged users from accessing data
  • Encrypt data in Oracle Database
  • Work in a real-world environment where a multi-layer security strategy is applied

Book Description

Businesses around the world are paying much greater attention toward database security than they ever have before. Not only does the current regulatory environment require tight security, particularly when dealing with sensitive and personal data, data is also arguably a company’s most valuable asset - why wouldn’t you want to protect it in a secure and reliable database? Oracle Database lets you do exactly that. It’s why it is one of the world’s leading databases – with a rich portfolio of features to protect data from contemporary vulnerabilities, it’s the go-to database for many organizations.

Oracle Database 12c Security Cookbook helps DBAs, developers, and architects to better understand database security challenges. Let it guide you through the process of implementing appropriate security mechanisms, helping you to ensure you are taking proactive steps to keep your data safe. Featuring solutions for common security problems in the new Oracle Database 12c, with this book you can be confident about securing your database from a range of different threats and problems.


Zoran Pavlović

Zoran Pavlović has worked on various complex database environments including RAC, ASM, Data Guard, GoldenGate, and so on. Areas of his expertise are security, performance/SQL tuning and high availabilty/disaster recovery of Oracle database. He has been working as an instructor for Oracle University since 2010 and during that time he has trained more than 200 students in Europe. In the last couple of years, Zoran has also been working on projects for Oracle Consulting. He is an Oracle ACE and he has been featured speaker/author at many conferences/magazines. He was actively engaged in beta testing Oracle Database 12c. Currently, Zoran is working as an Oracle Technical Architect in Parallel d.o.o. Belgrade.

Maja Veselica

Maja Veselica, MSc in software engineering, is currently working for Parallel d.o.o., Belgrade, as an Oracle Database consultant (security, performance tuning, and so on). She has been working as an instructor for Oracle University since 2010. In the last couple of years, she has also been working for Oracle Consulting. Also, Maja is a member of Oracle ACE Program and has more than 20 Oracle certificates. She enjoys (beta) testing Oracle products and participating in other Oracle-related activities.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Basic Database Security
Chapter 2: Security Considerations in Multitenant Environment
Chapter 3: PL/SQL Security
Chapter 4: Virtual Private Database
Chapter 5: Data Redaction
Chapter 6: Transparent Sensitive Data Protection
Chapter 7: Privilege Analysis
Chapter 8: Transparent Data Encryption
Chapter 9: Database Vault
Chapter 10: Unified Auditing
Chapter 11: Additional Topics
Chapter 12: Appendix – Application Contexts


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