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Penetration Testing with Raspberry Pi - Second Edition

Unix, Linux Unix, Linux

Penetration Testing with Raspberry Pi - Second Edition

Autor: Michael McPhee, Jason Beltrame
Broj strana: 316
ISBN broj: 9781787126138
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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What You Will Learn

  • Install and tune Kali Linux 2 on a Raspberry Pi 3 for hacking
  • Learn how to store and offload pentest data from the Raspberry Pi 3
  • Plan and perform man-in-the-middle attacks and bypass advanced encryption techniques
  • Compromise systems using various exploits and tools using Kali Linux 2
  • Bypass security defenses and remove data off a target network
  • Develop a command and control system to manage remotely placed Raspberry Pis
  • Turn a Raspberry Pi 3 into a honeypot to capture sensitive information

Book Description

This book will show you how to utilize the latest credit card sized Raspberry Pi 3 and create a portable, low-cost hacking tool using Kali Linux 2.

You’ll begin by installing and tuning Kali Linux 2 on Raspberry Pi 3 and then get started with penetration testing. You will be exposed to various network security scenarios such as wireless security, scanning network packets in order to detect any issues in the network, and capturing sensitive data. You will also learn how to plan and perform various attacks such as man-in-the-middle, password cracking, bypassing SSL encryption, compromising systems using various toolkits, and many more. Finally, you’ll see how to bypass security defenses and avoid detection, turn your Pi 3 into a honeypot, and develop a command and control system to manage a remotely-placed Raspberry Pi 3.

By the end of this book you will be able to turn Raspberry Pi 3 into a hacking arsenal to leverage the most popular open source toolkit, Kali Linux 2.0.


Michael McPhee

Michael McPhee is a Systems Engineer working for Cisco, based in Upstate NY, where he has worked for 4 years. Prior to joining Cisco, Michael spent 6 years in the U.S. Navy and another 10 working on communications systems, and has obtained the following certifications along the way: CCIE R&S, CCIE Security, CCIP, CCDP, ITILv3, and the Cisco Security White Belt. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Masters of Business Administration from University of Massachusetts - Amherst.

Michael's current role sees him consulting on security and network infrastructures. Before joining Cisco, Michael was a Network Operations Team Lead at a major regional insurance company. Prior to entering IT, he spent 11 years as a systems engineer and architect for defense contractors, where he helped propose, design, and develop command and control and electronic warfare systems for the US DoD and NATO allies. Michael’s diverse experience helps customers keep things in perspective and achieve their goals securely.

Jason Beltrame

Jason Beltrame is a Systems Engineer for Cisco, living in the Eastern Pennsylvania Area. He has worked in the Network and Security field for 18 years, with the last 2 years as a Systems Engineer, and the prior 16 years on the operational side as a Network Engineer. During that time, Jason has achieved the following certifications: CISSP, CCNP, CCNP Security, CCDP, CCSP, CISA, ITILv2, and VCP5. He is a graduate from DeSales University in BS in Computer Science. He has a passion for security and loves learning.

In his current role at Cisco, Jason focuses on Security and Enterprise Networks, but as a generalist SE, he covers all aspects of technology. Jason works with commercial territory customers, helping them achieve their technology goals based on their individual business requirements. His 16 years of real-world experience allows him to relate with his customers and understand both their challenges and desired outcomes.

Table of Contents


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