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Practical Mobile Forensics - Second Edition

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Practical Mobile Forensics - Second Edition

Autor: Heather Mahalik, Rohit Tamma, Satish Bommisetty
Broj strana: 412
ISBN broj: 9781786464200
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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What You Will Learn

  • Discover the new features in practical mobile forensics
  • Understand the architecture and security mechanisms present in iOS and Android platforms
  • Identify sensitive files on the iOS and Android platforms
  • Set up the forensic environment
  • Extract data on the iOS and Android platforms
  • Recover data on the iOS and Android platforms
  • Understand the forensics of Windows devices
  • Explore various third-party application techniques and data recovery techniques

Book Description

Mobile phone forensics is the science of retrieving data from a mobile phone under forensically sound conditions. This book is an update to Practical Mobile Forensics and it delves into the concepts of mobile forensics and its importance in today's world.

We will deep dive into mobile forensics techniques in iOS 8 - 9.2, Android 4.4 - 6, and Windows Phone devices. We will demonstrate the latest open source and commercial mobile forensics tools, enabling you to analyze and retrieve data effectively. You will learn how to introspect and retrieve data from cloud, and document and prepare reports for your investigations.

By the end of this book, you will have mastered the current operating systems and techniques so you can recover data from mobile devices by leveraging open source solutions.


Heather Mahalik

Heather Mahalik is a principal forensic scientist with Oceans Edge, Inc., where she leads the forensic effort focusing on mobile and digital exploitation. She is a senior instructor and author for the SANS Institute, and she is also the course leader for the FOR585 Advanced Smartphone Forensics course. With over 13 years of experience in digital forensics, she continues to thrive on smartphone investigations, forensic course development and instruction, and research on application analysis and smartphone forensics.

Prior to joining Oceans Edge, Heather was the Mobile Exploitation Team Lead at Basis Technology. When starting her career, she worked at Stroz Friedberg and for the U.S. Department of State Computer Investigations and Forensics Lab as a contractor. Heather earned her bachelor's degree from West Virginia University. She co-authored Practical Mobile Forensics (First edition) and was the technical reviewer for Learning Android Forensics. She has authored white papers and forensic course material and has taught hundreds of courses worldwide to Law Enforcement, Military, Government, IT, eDiscovery, and other forensic professionals focusing on mobile device and digital forensics.

Rohit Tamma

Rohit Tamma is a security analyst currently working with Microsoft. With over 7 years of experience in the field of security, his background spans consulting/analyst roles in the areas of application security, mobile security, penetration testing, and security training. His past experiences include working with Accenture, ADP, and TCS, driving security programs for various client teams. Rohit has also coauthored Learning Android Forensics, which explains various techniques to perform forensics on the Android platform. You can contact him at or on Twitter at @RohitTamma.

Satish Bommisetty

Satish Bommisetty is a security analyst working for a Fortune 500 company. His primary areas of interest include iOS forensics, iOS application security, and web application security. He has presented at international conferences, such as ClubHACK and C0C0n. He is also one of the core members of the Hyderabad OWASP chapter. He has identified and disclosed vulnerabilities within the websites of Google, Facebook, Yandex, PayPal, Yahoo!, AT&T, and more, and is listed in their hall of fame.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Mobile Forensics
Chapter 2: Understanding the Internals of iOS Devices
Chapter 3: iOS Forensic Tools
Chapter 4: Data Acquisition from iOS Devices
Chapter 5: Data Acquisition from iOS Backups
Chapter 6: Android Data Extraction Techniques
Chapter 7: iOS Data Analysis and Recovery
Chapter 8: Android Data Analysis and Recovery
Chapter 9: Understanding Android
Chapter 10: Android Forensic Setup and Pre Data Extraction Techniques
Chapter 11: Android App Analysis, Malware, and Reverse Engineering
Chapter 12: Windows Phone Forensics
Chapter 13: Parsing Third-Party Application Files


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