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Python Web Scraping Cookbook

Python programiranje Python programiranje

Python Web Scraping Cookbook

Autor: Michael Heydt
Broj strana: 364
ISBN broj: 9781787285217
Godina izdanja: 2018.

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What You Will Learn

  • Use a wide variety of tools to scrape any website and data—including BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, Selenium, and many more
  • Master expression languages such as XPath, CSS, and regular expressions to extract web data
  • Deal with scraping traps such as hidden form fields, throttling, pagination, and different status codes
  • Build robust scraping pipelines with SQS and RabbitMQ
  • Scrape assets such as images media and know what to do when Scraper fails to run
  • Explore ETL techniques of build a customized crawler, parser, and convert structured and unstructured data from websites
  • Deploy and run your scraper-as-aservice in AWS Elastic Container Service

Book Description

Python Web Scraping Cookbook is a solution-focused book that will teach you techniques to develop high-performance scrapers and deal with crawlers, sitemaps, forms automation, Ajax-based sites, caches, and more.You'll explore a number of real-world scenarios where every part of the development/product life cycle will be fully covered. You will not only develop the skills to design and develop reliable, performance data flows, but also deploy your codebase to an AWS. If you are involved in software engineering, product development, or data mining (or are interested in building data-driven products), you will find this book useful as each recipe has a clear purpose and objective.

Right from extracting data from the websites to writing a sophisticated web crawler, the book's independent recipes will be a godsend on the job. This book covers Python libraries, requests, and BeautifulSoup. You will learn about crawling, web spidering, working with AJAX websites, paginated items, and more. You will also learn to tackle problems such as 403 errors, working with proxy, scraping images, LXML, and more.

By the end of this book, you will be able to scrape websites more efficiently and to be able to deploy and operate your scraper in the cloud.


Michael Heydt

Michael Heydt is an independent consultant and specializes in social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies. He focuses on helping his clients create-cloud native, 12-factor applications. He has been a software developer and trainer for over thirty years, and is a polyglot programmer and multi-cloud/platform specialist. He has created scraping solutions for several media compliance companies, collecting data, and is happy to perform audits for advertising compliance. You can find more information about him on linked in at @michaelheydt

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Scraping
Chapter 2: Data Acquisition and Extraction
Chapter 3: Processing Data
Chapter 4: Working with Images, Audio, and other Assets
Chapter 5: Scraping - Code of Conduct
Chapter 6: Scraping Challenges and Solutions
Chapter 7: Text Wrangling and Analysis
Chapter 8: Searching, Mining and Visualizing Data
Chapter 9: Creating a Simple Data API
Chapter 10: Creating Scraper Microservices with Docker
Chapter 11: Making the Scraper as a Service Real


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