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ReactJS Cookbook

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ReactJS Cookbook

Autor: Johannes Stein
Broj strana: 301
ISBN broj: 9781783980727
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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What You Will Learn

  • Manipulate React components and learn how they work
  • Manage asynchronous and synchronous data in your React components
  • Animate components and create amazing effects
  • Render components on the server and create true isomorphic apps
  • Mix ECMAScript 6 features with React and future-proof your apps now
  • Combine popular user interface libraries such as Bootstrap with React
  • Thoroughly test your React components with specific unit tests
  • Go beyond the browser and see more uses for React

Book Description

React has gained a lot of popularity as being the framework to use when building user interfaces. Its focus lies in its simplicity, declarative nature, and encapsulating the components you are creating. These features make React a powerful ally when developing a web app.

This book will dive right into practical recipes to develop reactive and attractive UI's by adopting ReactJS best practices. At the outset, you will take a short look at the basics and gradually learn more about component management and data flow. You will explore how to create stunning effects and animations and develop isomorphic maps. To top it off, you will also learn how to combine ECMAScript 6 with React and take a glimpse at React Native. By the end of the book, you will be an expert in the core tasks of ReactJS and will be able to utilize it to its fullest potential.


Johannes Stein

Johannes Stein has gained experience using a variety of technologies, programming languages, and platforms. Since 2009, he has developed web applications ranging from one-week prototypes to full-scale enterprise products. In his spare time, he regularly contributes to open source projects and has a large open source code base of experiments, libraries, frameworks, templates, applications, and games. He has authored Sparrow Game Framework Beginner’s Guide and co-authored the book Irrlicht 1.7 Realtime 3D Engine Beginner's Guide, both by Packt Publishing.

Table of Contents


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