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Responsive web design with jQuery

jQuery jQuery

Responsive web design with jQuery

Autor: Gilberto Crespo
Broj strana: 256
ISBN broj: 9781782163602
Godina izdanja: 2014.

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  • Design responsive layouts for Grid systems
  • Analyze and choose the correct responsive menu navigation
  • Implement a mechanism to display the right image depending on the device requesting it
  • Use working designs and their code after tailoring them to your needs
  • Optimize your tables to display their information better
  • Implement responsive form elements
  • Build a responsive carousel slider including a touch function
  • Test your site thoroughly

Owing to the different types of devices that offer Internet browsing today, responsive web designing has become a booming area. The heightened use of CSS3 and JavaScript libraries such as jQuery has led to shorter responsive web design times. You can now create a responsive website swiftly that works richly in any device a user might possess.

"Responsive Web Design with jQuery" is a practical book focused on saving your development time using the useful jQuery plugins made by the frontend community. Follow the chapters, and learn to design and augment a responsive web design with HTML5 and CSS3. The book presents a practical know how of these new technologies and techniques that are set to be the future of frontend web development.

This book helps you implement the concept of responsive web design in clear, gradual, and consistent steps, demonstrating each solution, and driving you to practice it and avoid common mistakes.

You will learn how to build a responsive website; right from its structure, conception, and adapting it to screen device width. We will also take a look at different types of menu navigation and how to convert text, images, and tables so as as to display them graciously on different devices. Features such as the carousel slider and form elements will also be covered, including the testing phase and the measures to create correct fallbacks for old browsers.

With "Responsive Web Design with jQuery", you will learn to create responsive websites quickly by using CSS3 and the incredible jQuery plugins. You will also learn to save your time by tailoring solutions created and tested by the community.

"Responsive Web Design with jQuery" is aimed at web designers who are interested in building device-agnostic websites. You should have a grasp of standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development, and have a familiarity with graphic design. Some exposure to jQuery and HTML5 will be beneficial but isn't essential.

Gilberto Crespo

Gilberto Crespo is a skilled frontend developer who started frontend developing using CSS2, HTML4, and tableless HTML in 2005. He has always focused on increasing his knowledge by following strong trends, such as HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. In the past five years, he has helped improve the web development process by creating and spreading best development practices for CI&T where he currently works. For the past two years, he has been working exclusively on responsive websites on the job and supporting other web developers by answering questions on responsive websites. He has been connected with new technologies and design trends. He is passionate about creating themes for Drupal CMS and websites' look and feel in general since 2011. Currently, he is writing technical articles and giving presentations in Brazil, sharing his knowledge with students and with the Drupal community and friends. Outside of work, he enjoys a normal life, trying to learn something new every day. Feel free to contact him at




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