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Robust Cloud Integration with Azure

Računarstvo u oblaku Računarstvo u oblaku

Robust Cloud Integration with Azure

Autor: Mahindra Morar et al.
Broj strana: 696
ISBN broj: 9781786465573
Godina izdanja: 2017.

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What You Will Learn

  • Explore new models of robust cloud integration in Microsoft Azure
  • Create your own connector and learn how to publish and manage it
  • Build reliable, scalable, and secure business workflows using Azure Logic Apps
  • Simplify SaaS connectivity with Azure using Logic Apps
  • Connect your on-premises system to Azure securely
  • Get to know more about Logic Apps and how to connect to on-premises “line-of-business” applications using Microsoft BizTalk Server

Book Description

Microsoft is focusing heavily on Enterprise connectivity so that developers can build scalable web and mobile apps and services in the cloud. In short, Enterprise connectivity from anywhere and to any device. These integration services are being offered through powerful Azure-based services.

This book will teach you how to design and implement cloud integration using Microsoft Azure. It starts by showing you how to build, deploy, and secure the API app. Next, it introduces you to Logic Apps and helps you quickly start building your integration applications. We’ll then go through the different connectors available for Logic Apps to build your automated business process workflow.

Further on, you will see how to create a complex workflow in Logic Apps using Azure Function. You will then add a SaaS application to your existing cloud applications and create Queues and Topics in Service Bus on Azure using Azure Portal. Towards the end, we’ll explore event hubs and IoT hubs, and you’ll get to know more about how to tool and monitor the business workflow in Logic Apps.

Using this book, you will be able to support your apps that connect to data anywhere—be it in the cloud or on-premises.


Mahindra Morar

Mahindra Morar has been working in the IT sector from 1997, developing Windows and website enterprise applications. In 2009, he has been focusing primarily on integrating systems as a principle integration consultant.

Having come from an electronics engineering background, he is able to use this knowledge to design solutions that integrate between wetware, software and hardware. He has worked in many industries, including manufacturing, financial institutions, insurance, retail/wholesale and power utilities.

His interests are exploring new technologies and deciding how to use them in the integration world.

You can view Mahindra’s blog at

This is Mahindra’s second book he has co-authored; the first book was called SOA Patterns with BizTalk Server, and was published in 2015.

Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar is working as Integration Consultant with Datacom New Zealand and has more than 8 years of experience in the fields of designing, building, and implementing integration solution.

He is a Microsoft Azure MVP and worked with multiple clients worldwide on modern integration strategies and solutions. He started his career in India as a BizTalk Consultant with Tata Consultancy Services before taking up consultant roles at Cognizant Services and Robert Bosch GmbH.

Abhishek has published multiple articles on modern integration strategy on the Web and the Microsoft TechNet wiki. His areas of interest include technologies such as Logic Apps, API Apps, Azure Functions, Cognitive Services, PowerBI, and Microsoft BizTalk Server.

His Twitter username is @Abhishekcskumar.

Gyanendra Kumar Gautam

Gyanendra Kumar Gautam is a BizTalk consultant, specialized in integration solutions across enterprise and cloud with Microsoft’s suite of tools and services. He is currently working with Synegrate as Sr. Cloud Integration Architect in the San Francisco Bay Area, helping customers to hook their stuff together within their enterprise by providing unified integration solutions, both on-premise and on the cloud.

Gautam began his career in 2005 at a start-up consulting firm in Bangalore, India. Since this startup company was primarily focused on the healthcare industry, he worked on multiple projects to develop healthcare software such as Practice Management System (PMS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and a few HL7 integrations. He also worked for a global IT consulting firm and a global mutual fund company, which gave him exposure to SOA/BPM technologies.

Prior to Synegrate, Gautam was with Microsoft as a PFE (Premier Field Engineer). In this role he was responsible for ensuring the success of enterprise integration solution using Microsoft BizTalk Server within customers' IT operations by providing deep technical skills for proactive and reactive delivery that involved technically complex or politically sensitive situations in large, enterprise-scale environments.

Gautam holds certifications in developing Microsoft Azure Solution and Microsoft BizTalk Server (MSTS). He also maintains a blog as learning web-log from his day-to-day work experience about enterprise integration with BizTalk Server and Azure Cloud Platform at:

Ashish Bhambhani

Ashish Bhambhani is an Integration Sr. Premier Field Engineer working for Microsoft. He lives in the Seattle region. He has been working in the integration space for more than a decade. In his current role he helps Microsoft’s enterprise customers by architecting, designing, building, and maintaining their integration solutions. He has worked with some of the world’s biggest customers for Microsoft in the integration space. Recently, he has been able to roll out Azure technologies enterprise-wide for his clients and replace their legacy solutions. He is a content creator and master trainer for some of a Microsoft’s training that is delivered to clients worldwide. Additionally, he was part of the team that wrote the BizTalk performance whitepaper for

James Corbould

James Corbould has been working in the IT sector since 2003, developing and supporting applications in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Since 2010, James has been working in the software integration field, designing and building integration solutions using Microsoft technologies such as BizTalk, SQL Server, WCF, .NET, and now Azure, for a wide range of different customers. Recently, he has been working in the health insurance sector and in the building supplies sector.

Living and working in Auckland, New Zealand, James currently works for Datacom Systems as a consultant and team lead.

James seeks to contribute to the community through his blog ( and is a technical reviewer for a couple of publications: The A-Y of running

BizTalk Server in Microsoft Azure and BizTalk Server Extensibility, both available from the BizTalk360 website. This is James’ first foray as an author. You can follow him via his Twitter username: @jamescorbould.

Martin Abbott

Martin Abbott is a Microsoft Azure MVP living in Perth, Western Australia. He started his career developing subroutines for commercial computational fluid dynamics software, eventually moving on to more mainstream development and systems integration.

He has been working with BizTalk Server since the early days of the product, has spent a lot of time with WCF, but more recently has moved in to providing his customers with integration solutions spanning both on-premises and cloud workloads.

Most recently, his interests and work have led him to the Internet of Things, where he has been actively involved in the development of products and solutions for customers across a range of industries.

Martin is a regular speaker, runs the Perth MS Cloud Computing User Group, and is a member of the admin teams that organize Global Azure Bootcamp and Global Integration Bootcamp.

His blog can be found at:, and his Twitter username is @martinabbott.

Table of Contents


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