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Real World SQL and PL/SQL Advice From The Experts


Real World SQL and PL/SQL Advice From The Experts

Autor: Arup Nanda, Brendan Tierney, Heli Helskyaho, Martin Widlake, Alex Nuijten
Broj strana: 736
ISBN broj: 9781259640971
Izdavač: MacGraw Hill MacGraw Hill
Godina izdanja: 2017.

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Master the Underutilized Advanced Features of SQL and PL/SQL

This hands-on guide from Oracle Press shows how to fully exploit lesser known but extremely useful SQL and PL/SQL features?and how to effectively use both languages together. Written by a team of Oracle ACE Directors, Real-World SQL and PL/SQL: Advice from the Experts features best practices, detailed examples, and insider tips that clearly demonstrate how to write, troubleshoot, and implement code for a wide variety of practical applications. The book thoroughly explains underutilized SQL and PL/SQL functions and lays out essential development strategies. Data modeling, advanced analytics, database security, secure coding, and administration are covered in complete detail.

Learn how to:

• Apply advanced SQL and PL/SQL tools and techniques
• Understand SQL and PL/SQL functionality and determine when to use which language
• Develop accurate data models and implement business logic
• Run PL/SQL in SQL and integrate complex datasets
• Handle PL/SQL instrumenting and profiling
• Use Oracle Advanced Analytics and Oracle R Enterprise
• Build and execute predictive queries
• Secure your data using encryption, hashing, redaction, and masking
• Defend against SQL injection and other code-based attacks
• Work with Oracle Virtual Private Database

Code examples in the book are available for download at

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Part 1: The Importance of SQL, PL/SQL and a Good Data Model
Chapter 1: SQL, PL/SQL and When to Use Which
Chapter 2: Expert Data Modeling and Implementing Business Logic

Part 2: Underutilized Advanced SQL Functionality

Chapter 3: Handling Advanced and Complex Datasets
Chapter 4: Regular Expressions
Chapter 5: Edition Based Redefinition

Part 3: Essential Everyday Advanced PL/SQL

Chapter 6: Running PL/SQL in SQL
Chapter 7: Instrumenting, Profiling and Debugging PL/SQL
Chapter 8: Dynamic SQL
Chapter 9: PL/SQL for Database Management

Part 4: Advanced Analytics

Chapter 10: In-Database Data Mining Using Oracle Data Mining
Chapter 11: Oracle R Enterprise
Chapter 12: Predictive Queries

Part 5: Database Security

Chapter 13: Redaction and masking
Chapter 14: Encryption and hashing
Chapter 15: SQL Injection & Code Security
Chapter 16: Virtual Private Databases (VPD)


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