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The Impact Equatation - Chris Brogan

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The Impact Equatation - Chris Brogan

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ISBN broj: 9781101572436
Izdavač: Penguin Group Penguin Group
Godina izdanja: 2014.

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Three short years ago, when Chris Brogan and Julien Smith wrote their bestseller, Trust Agents, being interesting and human on the Web was enough to build a significant audience. But now, everybody has a platform. The problem is that most of them are just making noise.
In The Impact Equation, Brogan and Smith show that to make people truly care about what you have to say, you need more than just a good idea, trust among your audience, or a certain number of followers. You need a potent mix of all of the above and more. Here’s how they sum it up:
CONTRAST: Does your idea stand out?
REACH: How many people do you connect to?
EXPOSURE: How often does your audience hear from you?
ARTICULATION: Is your idea clear enough?
TRUST: Do people believe you?
ECHO: Does your message resonate with your audience?
Use the Impact Equation to figure out what you’re doing right and wrong. Apply it to a blog, a tweet, a video, or a mainstream-media advertising cam­paign. Use it to explain why a feature in a national newspaper that reaches millions might have less impact than a blog post that reaches a thousand passionate subscribers.
Consider the phenomenally successful British singer Adele. For most musicians, onstage banter basically consists of yelling “Hello, Cleveland!” But Adele connects with her audience, pausing between songs to discuss a falling-out with her friends, or the drama of a break up. Each of these moments comes off as if she were talking directly with you, and you can easily relate. Adele has Impact.
As the traditional channels for marketing, sell­ing, and influencing disappear and more people interact mainly online, the very nature of attention is changing. The Impact Equation will give you the tools and metrics that guarantee your message will be heard.


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