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TypeScript Blueprints

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TypeScript Blueprints

Autor: Ivo Gabe de Wolff
Broj strana: 286
ISBN broj: 9781785887017
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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What You Will Learn

  • Build quirky and fun projects from scratch while exploring widely applicable practices and techniques
  • Use TypeScript with a range of different technologies such as Angular 2 and React and write cross-platform applications
  • Migrate JavaScript codebases to TypeScript to improve your workflow
  • Write maintainable and reusable code that is helpful in the world of programming revolving around features and bugs

Book Description

TypeScript is the future of JavaScript. Having been designed for the development of large applications, it is being widely incorporated in popular projects such as Angular JS 2.0. Adopting TypeScript results in more robust software, while still being deployable in apps where regular JavaScript would run.

Scale and performance lie at the heart of the projects built in our book. The lessons learned throughout this book will arm you with everything you need to build amazing projects. During the course of this book, you will learn how to build a complete Single Page Application with Angular 2 and create a popular mobile app using NativeScript.

Further on, you will build a classic Pac Man game in TypeScript. We will also help you migrate your legacy codebase project from JavaScript to TypeScript.

By the end of the book, you will have created a number of exciting projects and will be competent using TypeScript for your live projects.


Ivo Gabe de Wolff

Ivo Gabe de Wolff has been a freelance developer since 2012 and is studying mathematics and computing sciences at Utrecht University. He has used TypeScript in lots of different environments, including mobile apps, games, and servers. Now, he mainly specializes in NodeJS development. Furthermore, he is the author of various open source projects, including gulp-typescript.

He has been credited for his contribution to fixing issues related to TypeScript

He also reviewed Learning TypeScript, Packt Publishing.

Table of Contents


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