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Unity 5.x Game Development Essentials - Third Edition

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Unity 5.x Game Development Essentials - Third Edition

Autor: Tommaso Lintrami
Broj strana: 505
ISBN broj: 9781786469397
Godina izdanja: 2017.

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What You Will Learn

  • Script games using C#
  • Build your very first 2D and 3D games
  • Work through the key concepts in game development such as physics, particle effects, and scripting
  • Test and optimize your games to attain perfection
  • Create menus, HUDs and collectables
  • Create player character interactions

Book Description

One of the most popular game engines the world has ever seen has recently brought out a major update, bringing with it a whole new experience of game development.

In this informal guide, you will get to grips with the basics of game development, starting off with using C# for scripting. You'll get the hang of Unity's development environment and will be able to set up the required assets for your first 2D game. You'll work on animating your player and getting it to move in the 2D environment. Next, you'll see how to build the game in 3D, making use of Unity's new 3D animation system.

After building a beautiful 3D environment for the game, you will work with the latest physics system that Unity has to offer and will make your assets interactive. You'll induce artificial intelligence into the enemies and develop a mechanism to bomb them. Once you've made things pretty with the particle system, you'll move on to publishing your game across multiple platforms.

You'll walk away with a cool 2D side scroller game, an even cooler top-down 3D game, and most importantly, the confidence to build your own games.


Tommaso Lintrami

Tommaso Lintrami has been designing and programming games right from the age of 9. He has been working with Unity 3D for over 6 years now and delivers training in Unity. He has worked on a number of games and platforms.

Table of Contents



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