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Xamarin Cross-Platform Development Cookbook

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Xamarin Cross-Platform Development Cookbook

Autor: George Taskos
Broj strana: 416
ISBN broj: 9781785880537
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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What You Will Learn

  • Create and customize your cross-platform UI
  • Understand and explore cross-platform patterns and practices
  • Use the out-of-the-box services to support third-party libraries
  • Find out how to get feedback while your application is used by your users
  • Bind collections to ListView and customize its appearance with custom cells
  • Create shared data access using a local SQLite database and a REST service
  • Test and monitor your applications

Book Description

You can create native mobile applications using the Xamarin Forms platform for the three major platforms iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The advantage of this is sharing as much code as you can, such as the UI, business logic, data models, SQLite data access, HTTP data access, and file storage across the three major platforms.

This book provide recipes on how to create an architecture that will be maintainable, extendable, use Xamarin Forms plugins to boost productivity, customize your views per platforms, and use platform-specific implementations at runtime.

We start with a simple creation of a Xamarin Forms solution with the three major platforms. We will then jump to XAML recipes and you will learn how to create a tabbed application page, and customize the style and behavior of views for each platform. Moving on, you will acquire more advanced knowledge and techniques while implementing views and pages for each platform and also calling native UI screens such as the native camera page.

Further on, we demonstrate the power of architecting a cross-platform solution and how to share code between platforms, create abstractions, and inject platform-specific implementations. Next, you will utilize and access hardware features that vary from platform to platform with cross-platform techniques. Well then show you the power of databinding offered by Xamarin Forms and how you can create bindable models and use them in XAML. You will learn how to handle user interactions with the device and take actions in particular events.

With all the work done and your application ready, you will master the steps of getting the app ready and publishing it in the app store.


George Taskos

George Taskos is a senior software engineer. He has been creating applications professionally since 2005, and he started coding at the age of 8. George has worked as a consultant for the past 10 years in the enterprise and consumer domains. George is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer since 2009 and Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer. Throughout his career, he has created multitier interoperable applications with various technologies, including Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, SOAP, and REST web services, focusing on native iOS/Android and Xamarin Cross Platform Mobile applications for the past 5 years. As a professional, he worked with small and large enterprises in Greece, Cyprus, South Africa, UK, and USA where he is currently based in New York City. George is a passionate engineer involved in the start-up community by contributing his free time. He was a member of the BugSense mobile analytics team that was acquired by a NASDAQ big data analytics corporation in 2013. Currently, he is working with Verisk Analytics, a NASDAQ 100 company, leading the engineering of Xamarin iOS/Android platforms and working in general software architecture of products.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: One Ring to Rule Them All
Chapter 2: Declare Once, Visualize Everywhere
Chapter 3: Native Platform-Specific Views and Behavior
Chapter 4: Different Cars, Same Engine
Chapter 5: Dude, Where's my Data?
Chapter 6: One for All and All for One
Chapter 7: Bind to the Data
Chapter 8: A List to View
Chapter 9: Gestures and Animations
Chapter 10: Test Your Applications, You Must
Chapter 11: Three, Two, One – Launch and Monitor


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