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Android telefoni i tableti

Android Android

Android telefoni i tableti

Autor: Guy Hart-Davis
Broj strana: 320
ISBN broj: 9781118646618
Godina izdanja: 2013.

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Packed with step-by-step, image-driven guidance, this must-have Visual book offers the latest tips for getting the most out of your Android devices that run on the most recent versions of the Android OS. Through the use of clear, visual instruction, you will learn how to access, download, and enjoy books, apps, music, and video content as well as send photos and emails, edit media on your phones and tablets, sync with desktop and other devices and services, and effectively multi-task.

  • Offers beginning-to-intermediate level coverage on the latest Android features for both experienced Android users and those new to the Android family
  • Addresses a variety of quirks unique to the Android phones and tablets and discusses how to handle them
  • Features full-color illustrations to accompany the step-by-step instructions, aimed at readers who learn best when they can see how things are done

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Android Phones and Tablets is an ideal resource if you learn best via visual guidance!

Chapter 1 Getting Started with Android

Chapter 2 Customizing Your Phone or Tablet

Chapter 3 Working with Text and Voice

Chapter 4 Setting Up Communications

Chapter 5 Networking and Communicating

Chapter 6 Making Calls and Instant Messaging

Chapter 7 Enjoying Social Networking

Chapter 8 Working with Apps

Chapter 9 Browsing the Web and E-Mailing

Chapter 10 Taking and Using Photos and Videos

Chapter 11 Using Maps, Google Earth, and Clock

Chapter 12 Playing Music and Videos

Chapter 13 Troubleshooting Your Device

Index 300





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