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Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry PI Raspberry PI

Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi 3

Autor: Maneesh Rao
Broj strana: 377
ISBN broj: 9781788627405
Godina izdanja: 2018.

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What You Will Learn

  • Understand &IoT and Raspberry Pi and learn about sensors and basic electronics.
  • Learn to integrate sensors and actuators with the Raspberry Pi.
  • Communicate with &cloud using &Raspberry with communication protocols such as HTTP and MQTT
  • DIY projects using the Raspberry Pi, Java, Python, or Node.js and the cloud (AWS/Azure/Google)
  • Understand the importance of security for connected devices in the IoT

Book Description

This book is designed to introduce you to IoT and the Raspberry Pi 3. It will help you create interesting projects such as setting up a weather station, measuring temperature and humidity using sensors; it will also show you how to send data for easy visualization. Then we shift our focus to leveraging IoT for accomplishing a complex task such as face recognition using the Raspberry Pi, camera module, AWS Rekognition, and the AWS S3 service. Furthermore, you will master security aspects by building a Security Surveillance system to protect your home from intruders using the Raspberry Pi, a camera, motion sensors, and Azure/AWS Cloud. We'll also create a real-world project by building a Wi-Fi controlled robot car via the Raspberry Pi using a motor driver circuit, DC motor, and a web application to complete the task.

This book is a must have as it provides a practical overview of existing protocols, communication patterns, architectures, security and its existing threats at the software and hardware level since it is the most important aspect of IoT.


Maneesh Rao

Maneesh Rao has been working in the field of IT for the last 6 years, specifically in software development. He has around 4 years' experience in the IoT and was part of PTC's Thingworx IoT team. Thingworx is one of the most sought after IoT platforms. He has also developed custom IoT platforms/solutions from scratch for the consumer and industrial markets. He has a keen interest in developing solutions using the Raspberry Pi.

Table of Contents


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