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Mastering Android Application Development

Android Android

Mastering Android Application Development

Autor: Antonio Pachón Ruiz
Broj strana: 298
ISBN broj: 9781785884221
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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About This Book

  • Learn how to design and build better Android apps to reach new users
  • Explore the latest features and tools in the Android SDK that will help you become a better developer
  • From concurrency to testing – through to adding adverts and billing, this book ties together every element to help you deliver a high-quality Android application on Google Play

Who This Book Is For

Mastering Android Application Development is intended for Android developers that want insight on and guidance through the steps they need to take to give their creations the edge in a competitive market.

What You Will Learn

  • Create an Android project with Android M features
  • Design the basic navigation for our app using the UI components
  • Set up a cloud-based platform and store data on it
  • Implement programming patterns such as Singleton and Observer to maintain your project code for future use
  • Display lists and grids using Android RecyclerView
  • Implement user interface components and make your app look professional
  • Handle, download, and store images along with memory management
  • Create the database and content providers to perform read-write operations
  • Add notifications to the app and analytics to track the user’s usage
  • Show a Google map view on your app
  • Configure minify to obfuscate the code
  • Add adverts and create products for purchase in your app

In Detail

There are millions of Android apps out there for people to download – how do you make sure yours has the edge? It’s not always about innovation and ideas – the most successful apps are those that are able to satisfy customer demands – they’re the ones that look the best, the fastest, and the easiest and most intuitive to use.

This book shows you how to create Android applications that do precisely that – it has been designed help you consider and answer those questions throughout the development process, so you can create applications that stand out against the crowd. Learn how to create exemplary UIs that contribute to a satisfying user experience through the lens of Material Design, and explore how to harness the range of features within the Android SDK to help you. Dive deeper into complex programming concepts and discover how to leverage concurrency and navigate memory management and image handling. You’ll also find further guidance on testing and debugging so you can guarantee that your application is reliable and robust for users.

Beyond this you’ll find out how to extend your app and add greater functionality, including notifications, location services, adverts and app billing (essential if you want to properly monetize your creation!). To make sure you have confidence at every stage in the process, the book also shows you how to release your app to the Play store – to make sure your maximising your efforts to create a popular Android application!


Antonio Pachón Ruiz

Antonio Pachón Ruiz is a software engineer with a master's degree in mobile technologies. He has more than five years of experience working as an Android developer and has developed a large number of apps.

Antonio was born in southern Spain and currently lives in London working as an Android contractor; he works part time developing for different companies, such as TomTom, MasterCard, and the UK giant, British Telecom. His experience extends from small start-ups to big telecom companies. Video streaming apps, newsreader apps, Voice over IP, voice authentication, e-commerce, online payments, navigation, and games are some of the technologies Antonio has worked on.

He is also the director of SuitApps, a venture outsourcing apps remotely for other companies, where he leads and coaches a team of developers and UI/UX designers.

Apart from the app development industry, Antonio has experience in the online teaching industry as an instructor of a course about getting started with Android with more than 8,000 students and a five-star rating.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Designing our App
Chapter 3: Creating and Accessing Content from the Cloud
Chapter 4: Concurrency and Software Design Patterns
Chapter 5: Lists and Grids
Chapter 6: CardView and Material Design
Chapter 7: Image Handling and Memory Management
Chapter 8: Databases and Loaders
Chapter 9: Push Notifications and Analytics
Chapter 10: Location Services
Chapter 11: Debugging and Testing on Android
Chapter 12: Monetization, the Build Process, and Release


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